Monday, September 30, 2013

Paris Preparations

I realize this is our last full homeschool week prior to Paris!

There is A LOT of preparation I must do during this week.
Not only for PARIS.... but, for my kiddo, dog and all those that will be running the show and living life for me here -- while I am there.

LOTS -- TO -- DO!

I at least have my staples for the trip.
Comfy clothes.
Comfy shoes.
Pretty container bags that are TSA aprroved!
Comfy infinity scarves.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

But, I am getting BEYOND excited!

I met with a couple of friends last week to discuss our upcoming trip. They are pretty much experts on Americans in Paris and... they got me so excited! Discussing little details and big questions. Getting a chance to just talk through some of my thoughts helped me out --- immensely.

I am about to take the kiddo to his art class --- and I --- get to sit for an hour with coffee in one hand and Paris notes and books in the other. I will continue my planning!

Let the planning continue!

Friday, September 27, 2013

A Preview and A Painting

I have been busy this week doing several pieces for around our home.

I wanted to make a change in the foyer --- less items and a piece that was large in scale.

I'll share with you what I came up with... but first I wanted to provide you with a little
SNEAK PEEK inside Dwell with Dignity's Fall Thrift Studio!


I shared in THIS POST about a piece I did entitled "Raspberry Beret".

Well, here it is in this amazing vignette:
Designed by Katie Reynolds of Lilli Design.

Vignette Designed by Katie Reynolds of Lilli Design - Photo from Dwell with Dignity


I can't wait to see the rest of her space.
And.... all these items are available for purchase!

And, I shared with you in THIS POST about a very special painting that was commissioned for a very special project.

Well, here is a SNEAK PEEK of that very special project:
Designed by Leslie Pritchard of Again and Again.

Vignette designed by Leslie Pritchard of Again and Again - Photo from Dwell with Dignity

How FABULOUS is that chair?!
Again.... all these items will be for sale at Thrift Studio benefiting Dwell with Dignity!
I am so thrilled about seeing the commissioned piece in this vignette!

To find out more information and to see more sneak peaks from the amazing designers, check out the Thrift Studio website HERE.

And last but not least, the piece I did for our foyer:

Acrylic Diptych on 36" x 48" canvas panels -  Milli Vanilli 
I LOVE how it fills up the wall so nicely.

And it brightens up the space with a pop of color --- and of course, more GOLD. 

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks and a look into what I paint for my home.

Have a FANTASTIC day!

Monday, September 23, 2013


I was a major tomboy growing up.

So, I rejected anything and everything PINK --- except for Strawberry Shortcake. 
I was a fan. I loved Strawberry Shortcake.

I continued my aversion to PINK through my early adult years.

But, now.... I LOVE PINK.

I don't get carried away. 
Being the only female in our home, I only have little shots of it in my office and laundry room. 

But, I still love it. 
Especially when utilized in decor like these spaces: 


I recently finished a large painting for a very special project.

Acrylic on 2 36" x 48" Canvas Panels | Again and Again

I LOVE the pink and the scale of this piece.
I wonder if I could get approval from the boys with something like this in our home?

How about you.... are you a fan of PINK?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bedding Update

As promised... the reveal of my Bedding Update!

I am SO in love with all the custom pieces from our bedding ensamble.
I feel like such an adult... with special pieces made just for our bedroom.

The bedroom decor has always been an area where I have difficulties...
I find myself discontent with the look -- frequently.
I find myself redesigning / redecorating -- frequently.

But, during the course of the last year, I have made GRAND strides in putting something together that is peaceful and beautiful. Something that keeps my heart content and my eyes happy!

I bit the bullet and worked on our bedding.

I kept the quilt and pillow shams neutral in a nice ivory.
I updated them with a similar look and color I had previously from West Elm.

You can read about the custom order Greek Key Pillows purchased from Fabricate on Etsy here.

At the beginning of this year, we ordered custom drapery for our Double-Wide in the Sky.
[You can read about it in this post.]

If I had known then what I know now.... I would have done this MUCH earlier!

Not only has the black-out drapery been AWESOME --- but, I have made a new friend with the owner of the business, Brittany. She is so glamorous, kind, and the quality of work that comes from her business is PHENOMENAL!

If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Trinity Uptown is the place to go for custom drapery
--- and MORE.

When we installed the Greek Key Trimmed Drapery in our bedroom, I asked Brittany if they could do a bed skirt for me in the future. She said YES!

So, I saved and thought about it and the time was NOW.

We utilized the same black and white greek key trim from the drapery on the bedskirt.
The fabric is also the same, just in black instead of the dark grey from the drapery.


And I am LOVING how it looks with our rug!

I also found this coverlet with a gorgeous trim and it compliments the ensamble just PERFECTLY!

I am SO pleased with how EVERYTHING turned out!

The DIY Mongolian Ottoman and Trina Turk Greek Key Pillow are also new and they work SO well with the space and updates.

I am doing a happy HAPPY H-A-P-P-Y Dance!

I even found these little vintage brass rams for our bedroom.... my heart is so content.

What do ya think?

Linking up to Thrift Decor Chick.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CRUSH: Greek Key Pillows

I have been working on updating the bedding in our Master Bedroom... and...

ETSY came through again!

In the form of a wonderful pillow cover provider.

Check out Tara Hale at Fabricate on Etsy.

I LOVE her large selections of Greek Key Pillows!

Pillow Covers by Tara Hale of Fabricate on Etsy

Tara does custom orders, too!

That's how it started for me. I like the look of one of her pillow covers, but it wasn't the size I was needing. But, she quickly and wonderfully set me up with the pillow cover choice and size that was perfect for our bed!

And I think it worked out SIMPLY DIVINE!

I originally ordered only 2 pillow covers. But, I loved the look SO much.... and thought it would be fantastic to make it even bolder by adding a 3rd Black and White Greek Key Pillow....

So, I did!

I ordered a 3rd from Fabricate!

I will share the rest of my bedding update later this week.

I adore the ability to custom order items and I have found that Etsy has really turned into a hot spot for me to order custom pillows.... see another one of my custom orders in this post.

Monday, September 16, 2013

WORDS: Surrender

I just realized we have been in the city now for over 2 years!

I can't believe it.... it seems like just yesterday we were making the transition from our suburban home into our high-rise condo in the city.

Well.... with those 2 years, God has whispered to my heart in various ways.
This quote pretty much sums it up.

I won't lie --- The transition was quite emotionally difficult.
Many changes: life, friends, home, church, dreams, etc....

But, with change comes a new beginning.... and I am SO GRATEFUL for the new.

Letting go of what WAS and surrendering to what IS has provided me with much peace of what WILL BE.

I still am not a fan of change,
but I know now to listen to the whispers to my heart and have FAITH.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Express Yourself

Have a FUN weekend everyone!

Mine has started off with a fun "date night" with the hubby.


*Parental Advisory - Explicit Content --- Please be Advised

Tomorrow, we will fly in private planes with pilots volunteering their time to teach children the art, skill, and science of flight. PRETTY COOL!

This is sure to be a MAGNIFICENT weekend --- ENJOY!

Friday, September 13, 2013

CRUSH: Spotted Fabric and Things

Les Touches fabric by Brunschwig and Fils in black in white is my favorite!

I know I might be a little late to the party, seeing how there are a load of DIY versions on Pinterest...
But, it's really like I am STILL in love with it.
It's nothing new to me.... it had me at "Hello".

Brunschwig and Fils Les Touches Fabric in Black

Designer Jamie Mearse

Even with their other color options... it's just so classy and pretty timeless to me.
But, the black is still my favorite.


Hampton Designer Showhouse Designed by Brian del Toro - Source

Design by Lee Jofa

I even like similar fabrics and wallpaper available with this vibe ...

Tiffany Richie Design on DecorPad with Thibaut Tansania Wallpaper 

Or this artwork from MadeByGirl!

MadeByGirl Giclee "Black Dots" Print Available here

This has got me thinking about doing my own DIY version in either a print, wallcovering or fabric!
Have you done a DIY version?

How 'bout it --- Does this look appeal to you?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY: Mongolian Lamb Ottoman

Oops... I did it again!

I love the Mongolian Lamb Ottoman / Stool look SO much, that when I found this stool at a flea market for just a few bucks, I had to do this again for our Master Bedroom!

I essentially utilized the same process for making over the stool as before {shown here}.

This time, I spray painted the legs gold instead of using the Rub n' Buff.

This stool is a little more petite, so it fits nicely in the corner of our bedroom.

Have you created a DIY version of anything using Mongolian Lamb?
I'd love for you to share it with us, if so!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Winner Is...


... of this piece of artwork from the post written about here.

I am also throwing in a set of hand-painted notecards!

Ellen, I hope you enjoy everything!

And thanks again to EVERYONE who donated their time, finances, support and love to help make the American Heart Association's 2013 Dallas Heart Walk a SMASHING success!

2013 Dallas Heart Walk

TOGETHER.... we can make a difference!

To read more about why the American Heart Association means so much to me, read My Heart Story, here.