Monday, January 28, 2013

My Neutral and Warm Living Space

So, I am still on this kick of toning things down in my main living space.

But, neutral does NOT mean boring.

I am still JoJo. 
{Yes, that is my nickname. Feel free to call me JoJo!}

I am still eclectic.

I still have STYLE.

So, all my friends who are worried about me becoming boring..... NEVER!

And, to tell you the truth.... I can't wait to start experimenting with pops of color {as accessories} in my new neutral space!

I was so excited to see that Paloma at La Dolce Vita featured a neutral living space today! It is a Home Tour of Jordan Carlyle, a New York designer. It is definitely work the trip over to her blog to take in the beauty of his work!

So, without further ado.... let's get in on with my tour.... shall we?
Don't you want a peak inside my home?

This is our sitting space.

It's a smaller area.

But, it is still considered our "Living Room".

It's about 13' x 15'. The Living Room area that is... then we also have the Kitchen and Dining Room and another sitting area. I have to pack a large punch in our smaller living space!

Comfort is key.

A place to sit, relax and visit.

It helps that our TV is mounted. All the equipment is inside a dresser located on the other side of the wall in our Master Bedroom. 

I created framed wallpaper panels for interest and flanked the TV with these sconces that make the TV appear as part of the decor and not as something that sticks out like a sore thumb.

The wallpaper is a recent change. Previously, we had a bright teal color. I really do like this neutral palette. It still has A LOT of glam and shine. Very Hollywood Regency in sheen and fun in the pattern department!

I utilized a lot of geometric patterns throughout this space for added interested. 

This helps balance out and play up the dark brown sofas and chair. 

I decided to embrace the brown as a base color, but kept things light and interesting with other items.

It also helps that I have a plethora of natural light {wink.... wink....}!

The difference in the upholstery and pillow fabric textures adds a tangible sense of variety. 
From velvet, to linen, from thick weave to soft and fuzzy components, when you are sitting in this area.... you can feel the comfort of the fabrics. 

I also utilized a variety of metals.

I like to mix it up!

I LOVE this vintage industrial cart table I found a long time ago. It is old, rusted in places and has been used and abused through the years..... but, it is such a unique piece that always gets a conversation started. This piece may be considered dark and cold..... but the warmth of the other items around it, make it quite at home and cozy.

The layout also helps maintain a sense of unity and provides a great location for casual chit chat or long deep conversations. It really provides a corral, of sorts, when we entertain. We love it!

The textured shag rug is a bed of comfort for those hard wheels.

And then the warmth of this antique hand carved mirror on the surface of the cart, again adds interest and a balance. {I always need that "added balance"....}

This stone horse statue is a new find and a PERFECT compliment to this area!

And now.... we will move on to the "Dining Room".

I created a divider with a vintage campaign dresser I picked up at a garage sale for a FABULOUS steal price. It needed A LOT of TLC.... but, I think it turned out quite divine when all was said and done.

And, it is a FANTASTIC place for me to house all my DIY tools and drop cloths for my paint projects!

I also have the vintage Dorothy Draper chest in the background that aides in additional storage space.
A girl can never have too much storage space! 

I continue with the "separation" wall by including the thick textured stools. I try to incorporate natural elements throughout the space because it provides needed warmth due to all the hard marble, cement and glass everywhere.

These acrylic chairs are a new addition to the space. 

We LOVE them!

They are sooooooooo chic..... but, yet.....  COMFORTABLE!

A TOTAL.... win - win!

It's also interesting how they have seemed to add vibrant life to the place.

You can take in the beauty of the table and the host and hostess chairs much more easily now.

I never would have thought these chairs would make such a dramatic impact. 
But, they do!

And, they are easy to clean. Believe it or not. A little soap and water will clean up any 8 year old boy's mess!

Again.... a WIN-WIN!

I love how our beige leather swivel chairs fit into the space much better now, too.

Everything just seems SO much more uniform. And that is actually an important element that is needed in this space of many uses. 

Speaking of more uniformity....

I also changed up the art on our gallery wall. 

Black and white photos, sketches and paintings really compliment the neutral changes quite well.

These new sconces also add charm to the gallery wall. They replaced lamps that seemed to intrude on the space. Things are now more sleeker and they actually provide much more light {which was greatly needed at night}.

I love this artwork. It is still a neutral/natural tone that fits well within the space. 
Plus, this is my first piece I ever did. It has SUBSTANTIAL emotional value.

There you have it....
My changes.

A few more changes are still in the works. I am meeting with my drapery specialist tomorrow.... we will be choosing fabric for custom drapery to go along my massive and gorgeous wall of windows. I can NOT wait!

Going more neutral in my main living area. 

But, neutral does NOT mean boring.

Linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick's Before and After Party.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Designing with Color

A friend of mine, and reader, just introduced me to this designer. 

I was going through her portfolio and I realized that I have seen her work throughout the design blog world... and it is work that I absolutely LOVE!

Liz Caan is her name and Interior Design is her game!

I love the whimsy and sophistication with this room. And the details of the horse photo and the piece opposite on the wall play so nicely together.

Color.... color.... color! 
I LOVE the artwork. It brings the entire energy of the room to one spot. This is how you do it well!

Of course, I have already shared with you my love for this zebra wallpaper. Doesn't it look simply divine in this powder room?

Now, this is a fun space to eat. The wall details with the cookoo clock. LOVE!

I need this dresser for my kiddo's room. It is the perfect shade!

All images from Liz Caan Interiors

And here, the pairing of the artwork with the Greek key rug and yellow stool...
simply... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

What are your thoughts? Can you do color like this or do you prefer the neutral tones?

Even though I just toned things down a bit in my main living space....
I am BOLD enough to go with color.
I LOVE to design with color. 
I LOVE to paint with color.

And during the month of February, I will be posting about color every day.
One particular color.....


I volunteer with the American Heart Association as a Passion Committee Member in the Dallas area because I am a survivor of heart disease. I have endured 3 heart surgeries, one of them was a major surgery, and I continue to fight the battle of heart disease personally and in my immediate family. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America. February is Heart Disease Awareness month and...

February 1st is National Go Red Day. Buildings all across the country will be lit red in support of heart disease awareness. And my blog will also be GOING RED..... during the entire month of February! I will post every day about red in interior design, fashion, personal style, local style, etc..... etc.....

I will also share my red love on Facebook.

And, I have created new artwork and found RED pieces for my space at LOST... antiques.
So, stop on by during the month of February at my blog, facebook page or my space and GO RED with me!

Monday, January 21, 2013

More Neutrals

I don't know what the deal was....

Was it all the funky colorful Christmas decorations?

Was it all the items on display through these past several months from Birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years?

I am not quite sure...

But, I wanted to tone things down a bit in our high-rise condo.


I wanted to keep the canvas more neutral. So, when previously mentioned events and other fun decorating opportunities would arise, I wouldn't always be fighting with the loud colors in our main living space. Namely, the teal wallpaper.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE it. But, I feel we are already fighting so much "busy-ness" because of our wall of windows {floor to ceiling} that extend the entire length of our home. It's a beautiful skyline, but there is much much MUCH going on with our city view.

So, I have been eyeing some inspiration this past month.

Source unknown

I like how soothing this feels, yet it is classy and sophisticated. I love the mix of patterns. But, even with the toned down tones you could always incorporate a pop of color with pillows or accessories... and easily change them out. That is perfect for my needs and desires!

And then... there is grass cloth....

Grass cloth. I have been obsessing over grass cloth. And the truth is.... I have recently {as in Thursday of last week} installed some in my guest bathroom. It replaced a bright green wall coloring and we are IN LOVE with this change! I am still looking for a piece of colorful artwork to hang in there, but I love how this space is coming together quite nicely!

Some easy and immediate changes I made, while I was packing away my Christmas decor, was a change out on our Gallery Wall. I went for some more black and white artwork.

I still kept some color in the mix. But, again it is more of a neutral tone.

I'll share more photos throughout the next couple weeks of the updated space. 

We are enjoying the change... although, kiddo misses the color in the main living areas. He has pleaded with me not to touch his bedroom. I told him not to worry, that is HIS space and HE gets the final say in any change we do within those 4 walls. Besides, we all still need some color in our lives!

What are YOUR thoughts on decorating with more neutral tones?
Would you still HAVE to incorporate pops of color?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Old Man is Snoring...

So, it is raining like C-R-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S here in Dallas.

I like the rain at night.

I even like the rain during the day {if all I have to do is snuggle up, sip some tea and read a good book}.

But, when the drops continue to fall after a 24 hour period.... it can get me a lil' bummed.

So, I wanted to share with you some gorgeous, fun and STYLISH umbrellas for days when... you just need to add some pep to the continued drops that are falling outside. After all, those drops are watering the earth... and we need that here in North Texas.
We'll start with the most expensive.... from across the pond....

And the gold leopard print...... MEEEOOOW!

I am really digging the polka dots. Here is another one with fun frill around the edges from Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins - Black Polka Dot Frill 
And some more RED! 
I have wanted to get this Scalamandre Zebra print in wallpaper for our guest bathroom. Instead, I am opting for a more natural grasscloth, but this would be SO much fun as an umbrella!

Scalamandre Zebra - Masai Red
These little gals are just plain FUN!

Fred Flare - Rain Parade

And now.... for THE DEAL!

What was once $78 at Kate Spade.... is now on sale for.....

I really love this umbrella! It can turn any dark, dreary and rainy day into one filled with SUNSHINE.

It just makes me happy!

And happiness is a good thing.... a VERY GOOD thing!

I hope to be sharing with you some more fun and stylish finds throughout the year.  
Ya know... we gotta help each other out!
Later, my friends... 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year... New Inventory

Hello my friends!

With this new year comes some time of reflecting... and that I have done.

I thought I would share with you a quote that is quickly becoming some words for me to consider during 2013...

Do not follow where the path may lead. 

Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I am all about leaving trails this year.

In my personal/professional life.... and in some design --- art --- unique finds!

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and this new year, I am happy to say that A LOT of inventory has been moving out the door! So, my friends, I have filled the space with unique and gorgeous finds. Come take a look!

That 12-arm vintage brass chandelier has been nicely updated with white globe bulbs.
Very trendy and GLAM!

Speaking of GLAM, check out the gold bamboo octagon accent mirror and the greek key distressed accent stool... GORGEOUS!

And that vintage peacock bamboo framed fabric. Such a stunning and large piece. It would go great in a dining room or above a foyer table.

"Gold Rush" was missing for a day... because it was rented. But, it's back now and ready for a permanent new home. BTW, did you know that you can rent pieces at LOST... antiques? If you're interested, ask them at the front desk, they would love to share more information with you.

These vintage signed and numbered artist prints at just stunning.

"South on the Colorado"....

"North on the Colorado"

And "Decisions at Dusk" is a piece of large art recently added.

The hues are breathtaking in person!

Designer fabric pillows are always a MUST for a unique statement in your home!
The Schumacher Ming Dragon Print is always one of my FAVES.

Chinese Garden Stools..... always chic!

So are Large Asian Ginger Jars .... so Chinoiserie!

And if you are looking for some very modern and trendy side chairs for your kitchen or dining room table.... HERE THEY ARE.... in TEAL!

These are statement pieces to the core!

I hope you will stop by my space soon and see all the new inventory in person.

In the meantime, I will be posting much more frequently in 2013, not only about inventory, but decor ideas and trends. Just a fun little place for inspiration and beauty.



Much love,