Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I think the entrance to any home should be quite telling of the people who live there.

Their personalities, their style, their likes... even if you have a mixture of personalities, styles and likes.

Here is a look at my eclectically glam foyer.

Lamp {HomeGoods} / Vintage Mirrored Zebra {Flea Market} / Paper Weights {Flea Markets and Antique Stores} / Decorative Boxes {HomeGoods} / Painting {Antique Store} / Vintage Burlwood Console {Antique Store}

I am the only girl in a home with 1 man, 1 boy and 1 male dog.

We are all quite different {ok.... I'm quite different from the boys}, but this foyer does encompass all our personalities.

From the vintage burlwood console to the DIY Mongolian Lamb Stools to the artwork.... it says a lot about us folks.

We spend countless hours combing through flea markets, and consignment/antique/thrift stores searching for treasures. As a family, as mother/son, and during my "alone times".

It's fun!

It's therapeutic!

And the boys get to eat junk food when we go on these adventures!
It's their special treat for enduring such a feat.... hah!

I guess the best way to explain that all these items here actually do represent our family...
is the fact that it is an ECLECTIC MIX.

ECLECTIC... we are indeed!

Vintage Pagoda Mirror {Consignment Store} / Crystal Lamps {Hemispheres}, Ram and Buck Heads {ZGallerie}

If you want to see slightly more of our home, check out the tour here.

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*Photography by Naifeh Photography.

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