Friday, June 28, 2013

SALE and Marbled Framed Prints

There is no doubt I have an obsession with Marbled Framed Prints.

I have a large pair framed and hanging in my bedroom.

I chose the black, gold, gray and white colorway.

They make me swoon every time I see them. The movement is just so hypnotic.

I have a space located inside Lost...antiques in the Dallas Design District and this weekend {well, starting today Friday (6/28) through Sunday (6/30)} they are having a MAJOR SALE!

I will also be having a SALE in my space --- 20% off everything over $100!

That's right! 
And..... wait for it.... I have a pair of framed marbled prints available!

This photo above is from another set I recently sold, but the ones available have the gray, pink, gold, and white colorway.

So, I know where I am going to stop this morning while kiddo is in art camp!
There are some other vendors and spaces with sales and inventory that I want to check out... Like The Pink Pagoda {I'm sure you have heard of her}... she has a space there with some items for sale. Check out her post

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, friends!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

COLOR: Going Green Inspiration

Just thought I would send some GORGEOUS GREEN your way for inspiration!
Pinterest Image


Many different shades, tones and patterns of GREEN!

Dering Hall


2013 Lake Forest Showhouse
This Malachite Wallpaper is b-e-y-o-n-d BREATH-TAKING!

2013 Lake Forest Show House
HAPPY Hump Day, friends!

Have a FANTASTIC day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Art from the Heart

I wanted to share this piece of art my kiddo painted for me this weekend.

Because.... I feel an extra special measure of gratefulness today.

I had a GLORIOUS weekend with my family.
I had a LOVELY weekend with friends.

Kiddo painted this piece because he loves me.
I love that piece of art.... because it is beautiful.
Because I love my kiddo.

He is a blessing I never could have dreamed up on my own.

Tyler Knott
I love being a mom to my kiddo.
I love being a wife to my hubby.
I love being a friend to my dear sweet friends.

Have a wonderful week.... 
ENJOY your blessings!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pops of Color

I have been knee deep in color this past week.

It has been quite exciting, as well as, F-U-N!

So, I thought I would share this bit of inspiration I pinned earlier this week...

I LOVE the color amidst all the clean crisp white.

It's so VIBRANT!

Hope you are have a gloriously FABULOUS weekend!

Friday, June 21, 2013

And the WINNER...

Of these LOVELY set of hand-painted notecards is...

Brittany Rivers!

Congratulations, girl!

A non-biased drawing was performed by kiddo. We are pretty high tech around here... I know {hah!}.

Something we can all do a little happy dance about is....



Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Artwork by JoJo

Hello my friends, I have an exciting announcement to share with you!

Introducing new Artwork by JoJo.... in notecard form.

Each 3 1/2" x 4 7/8 " card is hand-painted on heavy grade pearl essence cardstock with acrylics and come with a brilliant white envelope with silver foil lining. Each piece is signed and dated.

These little gems aren't just notecards. They are original pieces of art... created by me! 
Since each card is handmade and signed, no two are exactly the same. 
Recipients of these cards can view them as a special gift and as art suitable for framing! 

That's right... double-duty notecards!

Indigo Colorway
Golden Colorway
Lilac Colorway 
Rose Blossom Colorway

The notecards are available in the above colorways: Indigo, Golden, Lilac and Rose Blossom. Because each card is unique and hand-painted, they will not look the same. Paint strokes and color hues may vary slightly.

So, here is the EXTRA exciting news.... you can enter to win a set of 4 notecards.

One of all 4 Colorways
HERE'S HOW - Complete at least 1 of the following:

1. Subscribe to the Floor 24 Designs blog or follow via email.

2. Like Floor 24 Designs on Facebook.

3.  Follow Me on Pinterest

Once you have completed at least 1 of the above, leave a comment below {or on Facebook} and a drawing will be performed on Friday {6/21} at 8am CST. The winner will be announced on Facebook and on the blog.

How exciting... I know!
Makes me wanna do a lil' happy dance!

And what if you have ALREADY followed, liked, etc?!

Have no fear!

Just leave a comment below {or on Facebook} and let me know that you are already following, liking, etc and that you want to be included in the drawing for the giveaway!

Individual notecards are available for sale at Lost...antiques.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

THE REVEAL: Kiddo's Room {Re}Design

Here it is!

My kiddo's Room {Re}Design Reveal!

**** ALL NEW **** 
We changed it completely! 
See the changes in THIS POST.
Here is a sneak peak of the redo:

and now.... continue...

In all it's AWESOME GLORY....

Since we moved into our Double-Wide in the Sky {what we loving refer to our home} almost 2 years ago, kiddo has called his room "The Awesome Space".

Which surprised me at first because in our previous 3000+ sqft suburban home, he had a bedroom, homeschool room, bathroom and a play area/living room all to HIMSELF.

But, now in our 2 bedroom condo unit, he just has his bedroom and bathroom.
His bedroom now serves as his homeschool and play area.

At least when we initially designed his room we considered all these activities.
And with the redesign, we just optimized... optimized... optimized!

The key added components were these red high gloss bookcases flanking his bed.
They serve as bookcases, storage and nightstands.

Very convenient --- and very much a punch of color and brightness that we needed!

They truly create the focal point of the room. This wall of wonderfulness!

They add balance to a space that commands so much activity and purpose.

When we discussed "changing up" his room, the initial conversations were quite emotional.
Kiddo DID NOT want to change anything about his room!
He DOES NOT like change!

Seeing how I did not want him to change over to the "Dark Side".... I made sure he had a HUGE say on anything we decided to incorporate and/or do.
He researched with me.
He shopped on-line with me.
He shopped in stores with me.

He was a JEDI.

And he DID NOT join the "Dark Side".

Of course, his main loves and memorabilia had to remain and be on prominent display.
He LOVES looking at things that make him happy.

It helps his creative side... it helps his emotional side....

He gets that from me {wink wink - check out the rest of our Double-Wide in the Sky}.

So, I decided to use the awesome red bookcases flanking his bed as an opportunity to expand the focus to some things that he LOVES.

He sincerely, LOVES.... Elton Brand.

His Brand Jersey was signed for him on his 8th Birthday. 
It has soooooo many reasons to be special to him. 
He loves it with all his heart. 
Truly, one of his most prized possessions. 
We are praying he gets resigned by the Dallas Mavericks. Go MAVS!

Then on the other side, we have his Lamar Odom jersey on display.
Another special memory.
But, he moved on.
We don't need him to come back to the Mavs. But, he holds a special place in kiddo's heart.

Then we have the almost endless supply of Lego Star Wars sets on display.

Some items have traveled with us to our new city dwelling...

These cubed leather ottomans were utilized from our previous home. They are awesome!

We are able to house so many of his toys inside. So, they really add to his storage room.
Plus, the top can be flipped over and it turns into an eating tray for him on those special occasions where he can watch a movie and eat in his room!

So, this is how we pulled everything together.

We added a new color to the mix. ---> RED
We kept an old accent color. ---> GREEN
We kept the original room color. ---> BLUE

We also included more patterns and fabrics to his bed to create a more cozy feel.
And by adding the lighting to his wall, it was a functional way to give him more light with a stylish outcome. Win --- Win!

Now we move over to his work and entertainment area.

This we changed up a little in functionality, as well as, design.

Just a little...

We added this FABULOUS Tulip Base chair with a red cushion.
It swivels!
It's white, bright, sturdy and AMAZING!

We found a Tulip Base lamp to add to the mix and a red clock to balance the red cushion.

We also added one of the filing cabinet pieces that had previously served as a nightstand to his desk area. It gives him more work area. It's just perfect!

He LOVES this space!

Kiddo wants to be a Film Director / Actor / Scientist when he grows up.

Hence all the movie posters. Some are authentic vintage pieces {Like the New York Subway Poster above his bed and the Star Wars Poster above his desk} but, others are replicas of his favorite movies and by some of his favorite directors.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was a new addition. And can I say.... the color combination works FABULOUSLY with the room?!  S-C-O-R-E! 

We also took the film reels we had found at flea markets and spray painted them a high gloss red.

Kiddo is an avid reader and one of his favorite series to read during his summer break are The Hardy Boys. He also loves the hunt of finding new books to add to his collection at flea markets, antique stores, or thrift stores. It gives him something to look forward to when I drag him shopping.

So, this is my Kiddo's Room {Re}Design...

In all it's AWESOME GLORY....

Since we moved into our Double-Wide in the Sky almost 2 years ago, kiddo has called his room "The Awesome Space". I hope he continues to call it that for many many more years to come!

*Featured at Serenity Now and linking up at Remodelaholic and Kid Spaces at Emily A. Clark.

Monday, June 10, 2013

In a Galaxy

Far far away...

Here is a little sneak peak at my kiddo's room {re}design.

He doesn't really like Star Wars.

He doesn't really like Legos, either.

Perhaps.... I just lied to y'all.


I'll provide another sneak peak on Wednesday and the GRAND REVEAL will be Friday.

Have a great week!

Friday, June 7, 2013

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day


And, it's National Donut Day!

What are you going to do to celebrate?

I might.... just might.... have to sneak in a bite or two of a scrumptious yummy pink icing and colorful sprinkles on top donut.

How about you? What is your favorite donut treat?

Wouldn't it be sweet {hah --- pun intented!} to have a "Donut Queen" gig?

In a bathing suit no-less.

Now, that would be motivation to NOT eat a donut.
A snuggie would be more appropriate for this gig --- don't you think?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

I'll be back next week with pics and the final reveal of my kiddo's {re}designed room!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

CRUSH: Dempsey and Carroll Notecards

I have a new crush!

Check this out: 

Dempsey and Carroll Stationary, a 135 year old stationer, has teamed up with the New York fabric company Schumacher!

Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon in Alabaster

They have created 12 styles of stationary that may be utilized and personalized. Who wouldn't adore any of these 12 note cards which are offered in a FABULOUS style based off of a Schumacher fabric?!

Dempsey and Carroll

You can check out all notecards and tablets at Dempsey and Carroll.

Have a great rest of the week, friends!