Monday, April 29, 2013

Abstract Art

I love abstract art in design.

It provides a creative flare to your space.

Jen Ramos NYC Apartment

It can provide vibrant color to your space or a soothing pallet of neutrals.

Jen Ramos NYC Apartment

Either way, I have grown to really love and appreciate abstract and contemporary art.

I have also evolved as a painter with this type of art.

Painting enables me to express my creativity.... and I have a lot of it!

Here are some pieces I have painted for various projects and clients.

A lot of my work is completed on large canvas. The technique that I have created works well on large canvas. Plus, it provides me with a challenge..... turning all that empty canvas into something beautiful.... it gets me so pumped!

I really enjoy the blend of an abstract piece of art framed in vintage or antique frames. 

Do you like utilizing abstract art in your decor?

The purpose of art 
is washing the dust of daily life 
off our souls.
-Pablo Picasso

Monday, April 22, 2013

Craigslist Coffee Table


Let me introduce you to the one that has stolen my heart.... 

Our new... coffee table!

It was a Craigslist item that I scored over the weekend.



A Vintage Charles Hollis Jones Style Coffee Table.

Are you in love?

Have you scored any good finds from Craigslist lately?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gold Bamboo

Gold is soooooo bold.

And... lovely....

and... trendy....

and classic!

Decor Pad
Gold Bamboo Flatware - Ricci Silversmith
Gold and brass are best friends in the world of decor.

Hollywood Regency Style is loaded with Faux Bamboo furniture pieces or accents.

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for Gold Bamboo..... or a piece that I can easily spray paint gold.

Especially, if it's a vintage piece!

If the idea of gold.... faux bamboo... and a mirror... really really excites you....


Pinterest Image
I have this vintage piece at my space!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, friends!

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Tour of our Home Sweet Home

Since this blog is fairly new, I thought I would provide my readers with a tour of our home.

I have added a page under the tab "Home Sweet Home", but I thought I would also provide a post...

Here is a brief tour of our home.

We moved from a 3,000 + sqft suburban house to a high-rise condominium in downtown.

It has been somewhat of a transition, but all 4 of us {we have a little brown tiny toy poodle named Sir Chewbacca}.

We affectionately refer to our home as our Double-Wide in the Sky.

So, welcome!

As you enter into our home, you pass through the foyer. 
It is quite important to me that guests feel comfort, peace and loved when they are in our home. The design of the foyer was meant to exude these components. The design incorporates a large antique wood mirror that has been beautifully distressed from age, glamorous vintage mirrors and accents pieces which reflect the light from the Main Living Area... plus many of our eclectic and vintage finds.

Once you have passed through the foyer, you enter into the Main Living Space which contains our living room, dining room and kitchen.

The design of this space is very eclectic with a neutral backdrop of paint, furniture and art. The downtown view from our 10' floor to ceiling windows is what steals the show [both day and night]. 

Again we carried over the use of mixing vintage, modern and glamorous pieces.

Our Master Bedroom can be view from the Living Area, so it is quite important to have the space flow well with the Living Area. We created a tranquil space with it's grey and soothing hues. But yet, there is such diversity in each of it's eclectic pieces. From modern clean lines to vintage brassy wonderfulness.... I am IN LOVE!

My office space was designed within specific parameters.... coat closet parameters to be exact.
We converted the coat closet off of the foyer into my office.

It works quite well, I have a pocket door for privacy and the room houses my desk plus several other key pieces of furniture that fit well within the space.

The office has been featured with several different sources and has transformed throughout the time here in our Double-Wide in the Sky. But, the one thing that has remained the same is... this is MY SPACE!

My office serves as the walkthrough to the laundry room. 
Therefore, I incorporated fabulous art into the small space... from floor to ceiling.

When all is said and done, this is the view we see from our little piece of heaven in the sky.
In the daytime...

and... at night.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Double-Wide in the Sky.
It's been a fun transition from house to high-rise!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Sprinkles of Changes

The past few months, I have been working on some updates, changes, additions to our Double-Wide in the Sky {our home}.

Some things I have been working towards since we moved in... like the drapery. But, for big purchases like these, you need to save money.... take your time in the fabric choices..... and get plenty of quotes. But, it was definitely worth the 1.5 year wait!

Some things have morphed from other projects around the house.

I must say.... I am at a peaceful and content place.

Especially, when I sit down with my cup of coffee for my Quiet Time.... 


If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth location, Trinity Uptown Windows is AWESOME when it comes to fabric selection, consultation, install and final product! {And I have been offered NO incentives for singing their praises.}

I am a very specific person. I know what I want.... after all, I have had an idea in mind for 1.5 years with our home.... I knew what I wanted with our drapery. That could make for an extremely aggravating experience.

But, the Design Specialist who held my hand through the entire process was simply AMAZING!
She completely "got me" and led the way to sweet success!

The sheers in the Living/Dining/Kitchen space add so much warmth, but yet, provide the needed shelter for the bright morning sun's rays.

And I could go on.... and on.... about the BLACKOUT drapery in our Master Bedroom.


And.... all with a black and white greek key trim ---- LOVE!

I have not slept this good in a LONG time!
You would be surprised at how much city lights can interrupt a girl's beauty sleep --- hah!

These puppies do the trick {and the fabulous newly gold spray painted Foo Dogs would agree}!

That wall of fabric....... makes my heart swoon!

I also got pretty busy when I decided to finish out my office with wallpaper on all walls.
Previously, there were only 2 focal walls covered. But, I completed the entire room in just 2 nights.

2 nights where the hubby was working late....
2 nights with the kiddo asleep....
2 nights of some frustration in applying this Tempaper completely by myself....

But, HAPPINESS and WORTH IT when sitting in my completely wallpapered office!

I LOVE it!

And, last but definitely not least....
I changed out the objects flanking our TV in the Living Room.

I needed something brighter to balance out the newly added sheers.

I went with a linear cluster of these from ZGallerie.

There you have it.... a few sprinkles of changes.

More like, sprinkles of activity!

I have also completed some more artwork....

Wishes de Turquoise

Springtime makes me so active and creative..... How about you?

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