Friday, December 19, 2014


It is not how much we give
but how much LOVE we put into giving.

-Bl. Mother Teresa-

Thursday, December 18, 2014

LIFE: Comfy and Cozy

One of my favorite places in our home is our bedroom...

cuddled up in bed...

looking at this view.

Such a soothing and calming place.

Do you have a favorite view in your home?

Friday, December 12, 2014

CHAIRISH: Holiday Entertaining

If you haven't been introduced to Chairish yet.... let me do the honors!

"Awesome Blog Reader, meet Chairish."
"Chairish, meet Awesome Blog Reader."

Now let me tell you a little more about Chairish.
It's an online consignment marketplace for designed obsessed people [can you see why I love it?!?!]. 
Not only can you buy online, but you can sell your awesome and exceptional pre-owned home accessories and furnishing through them. AWESOMENESS! 
Honest... to goodness... Vintage Furniture at its finest.

So... I was inevitably tickled pink when Chairish reached out to me to design a holiday table for a memorable meal when hosting a get-together for family and friends this holiday season!

Choose a favorite piece from Chairish's fabulous collection and design a seasonal table around it. 

Now.... this is my cup of tea: DESIGN, VINTAGE, TABLESCAPES!
I'm getting goose bumps.

Let me share with you what I put together... and I didn't stop with just the tablescape!

Vintage Etched Glass Dessert Plates - Set of 8 

Aren't these just glamorously perfect?!
These sent my heart into a flutter. 
Plates designed by Tiffin in 1930's with hand-applied 22k art deco designed edging!

You know how this girl loves everything about these --> Hollywood Regency Glam at it's finest.
This had to be the starting point of my design.
But, I first wanted to start my design with the table/room in which these beauties would be on display.

And I just LOVE to mix things up... right?
Glam - Modern - Gold - Silver - Vintage - Rustic
It's all used in my design and I love how it all feels like they were meant to be in perfect unison... together!

Upper Left: Starburst Antique Brass Chandeleir
Lower Left: Vintage French Farm Table
Upper Right:Vintage Bertoia Side Chairs Restored
Center Right: Pair of Robsjohn Gibbings Style Klismos
Lower Right: Overdye Patchwork Vintage Grey - 8'1" x 10' 1"

Chairish also has FABRIC!
I found these two perfect patterns... and a Schumacher.... yes, please!
I would use the Vintage Schumacher Leopard Camo for the pair of Robsjohn Gibbings chair cushions and the Jane Churchill Darwin for the vintage Bertoia cushions.

Left - Vintage Schumacher Leopard Camo | Right - Jane Chruchill Darwin Ivory

Simply perfection!
Now... finally to the tabletop.

I thought all of these pieces would work beautifully together and would incorporate/mix well with my white ceramic dinner and serving plates. I also have some beautiful silver chargers which would be a lovely base for the layering of dishes and add to the mix of metals.

Upper Left: Vintage Glass Etched Dessert Plates - Set of 8
Lower Left: Saint Louis "Bizet" Crystal Wine Jug
Lower Center: 24K Gold Plated Flatware - Service for 8
Upper Right: Baccarat Crystal Onde Wine Glasses - Set of 6
Center Right: Crystal Hostess Flatware Set - Set of 3
Lower Right: Vintage Moroccan Wool Berber Runner

Doesn't this all just blend so lovely together.
Warmth + stunning gold + fresh clear crystal... makes for a beautiful and comfortable place to gather with family and friends.

Now for the finishing touch, a simply elegant centerpiece.

I found these beautiful french horn candleholders and I thought they would fit perfectly scattered with my set of antique silver creamers filled with baby poinsettias and evergreen garland draped down the center of the table.

But..... these puppies have already sold. They do have other vintage brass candleholder sets that would look lovely, too.

Brass French Horn Candle Holders - SOLD

What do you think?
Would you come over for a holiday gathering around my Glamorously Vintage Holiday Chairish-picked Designed table?

And hurry... today is the last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery through Chairish.

You can also follow Chairish on pinterest HERE.
They post some pretty inspirational photos to keep this design obsessed person happy!


Friday, December 5, 2014

HOME TOUR: A 2014 Glam Christmas

As I mentioned in this post... we have changed up the Christmas decor in our home this year.
Actually eliminating the red. It's now more of a Winter Wonderland feel with warm shades of white, silver, and gold. Quite a different look than last year's decor found here.

There's quite a bit of glam and sparkle.... and I am LOVIN' it!

And believe it or not, so are my boys. They like how the home seems to flow and be more peaceful.

So, here is what I did.

I focused on three items of interest to be used throughout the home: trees, fur, and ornaments.
Plus glam and glitz where needed!

I utilized the reflection from our mirror-wall to add life to the silver ornament wreaths.
I love how they shimmer and shine.

I am also a HUGE fan of symmetry and balance.
So, I love to repeat a look I have created throughout the home.

It flows from our living space right into our bedroom.

We don't have an official Christmas location for the stockings, but I have always liked placing them on our buffet in the living area. Especially this year after giving a makeover to the buffet with white gloss paint. I really like the contrasting feel of the color combination of white/ivory and texture of gloss/fur.

Go HERE to see more details of our new white Christmas tree.

The rabbit fur pelts were new additions. I think the fur helps add to the warm and cozy feel. They were left over from our Wedding Vow Renewal Celebration and I am glad I now have another use for them!

I changed out some of our pillows and replaced them with silvery glam pillows.

The wreaths allow for a smooth transition into the bedroom [which you can see from the main living area since we keep our 2 pocket doors open during the day]. I added some bling to the bed with these snowflake pillows and some cozy warmth to our chair with a fuzzy throw. My tree collection also continues into the space with clear glass trees on the vintage chinoiserie dresser.

Just a little pop of Christmas cheer in my office with another one of my clear glass Christmas Tree pieces. 
Goes well with my clear glass paperweight collection... do you see a trend here? Ha!

I've recently added a new piece of art to my foyer.... and it seems to fit perfectly in the Christmas decor. 
That gold and white large abstract piece seems just right for our foyer!

Well, that's our little Christmas Home Tour for 2014.
You can go here to see my kiddo's room from this year.

It's wonderful to feel like I have finally reached the proper balance and style for our home. I want it to be warm, inviting, and peaceful.... and I think that even during Christmas it feels serene.

Thank you for visiting our little Winter Wonderland on Floor 24!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

HOME: Kiddo's Christmas Decor

Kiddo's Christmas decor didn't change much from last year.
But, his room has changed significantly since last Christmas.... that wallpaper... l-o-v-e!

So, it really adds a wonderful touch to the overall feel of his room at Christmas time.
Here is how his tree looked last year.

We kept it pretty simple this year. 
Main focus is on the tree.
We added a few pieces of decor in his bathroom and these wreath ornaments on his closet doors.

I'm looking for a hand-made afghan in his colors [teal, celery green, and red] to add to the foot of his bed during the holiday season. He loves to cuddle up on his bed or couch and read. I think that would be a festive and practical touch. I have a feeling I will have to special order the color combination and it won't be ready this year. But, there are a lot of wonderful vendors of Etsy for this type of request!

As usual, he helped decorate the tree. But, this year he added a special touch to his technique....
He named EVERY SINGLE bird on his tree.

The top red one is named Hedwig.

I can't remember the rest of the birds.... but, he sure does.

It's the perfect size tree for his room...
and it's perfectly festive for his personality.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A White and Glamorous Christmas Tree

It's that time of year again....


The time I drag out all the decorations from Christmases past and frantic over how I will decorate this year. Well, at least that's how it's been since we moved to our high-rise. This is the 4th Christmas we've spent here now [w-h-o-a how time flies] and I feel like I just might have gotten it right this time.

Not that it ever looked bad before.... just for one reason or another, it didn't suit the space.... or us.
But, this time..... it suits all those things PERFECTLY.

I'll be sharing our Christmas decor over the next few days so you can see how this year, we turned our home into a little Winter Wonderland!

First, we'll start with our Christmas Tree.
Here is how our tree looked like last year. It was only on it's 2nd year of life but by the end of the season, 80% of the bulbs were burnt out! That's the only reason why we retired it and moved onto a new tree this year.... the only reason.... but, we got to change things up a bit because of it.

And.... we LOVE our new white tree!

Here is the tree with the lights turned off.
I chose to keep the color palette the same as the rest of our home: white, neutrals, and a mix of metals [gold and silver]. We really love how it blends into the rest of our home design. Here is a Christmas home tour from 2012 and it is quite different in terms of the color arrangement. It's hard for me to remember that look.... but, it's fun to look back.

When the tree is lit, it gives off this glow that in the daylight is warm... it doesn't look as pinkish as the pictures portray.  But, the glow is definitely soothing, both at day and at night.

I have about over 100 cross ornaments I have collected over many years. 
Every year I think I can't possibly use all of them.... but, I do.

I fill the tree up with lots of fillers and ornaments. It's hard to see the many layers I have into the tree.
Inner Layer: pearl and glass wired garland wrapped around the tree's center post.
Mid Layer: Glitter leaves stuffed and little arrangements and small ornaments
Outer Layer: ornaments and ornaments and ornaments!
Final Exterior Layer: Large poinsettias to complete the look

Now, to share with you that soothing glow at night..... it just shines so brightly.

We LOVE it!

I never thought I would have a white Christmas tree. But, I really like how it works in our home.
How about you... what tree color is your favorite for your home... for you family?
Tomorrow, I'll share with you kiddo's teal Christmas tree!

Have a great Wednesday, friends!

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