Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CRUSH: Greek Key Pillows

I have been working on updating the bedding in our Master Bedroom... and...

ETSY came through again!

In the form of a wonderful pillow cover provider.

Check out Tara Hale at Fabricate on Etsy.

I LOVE her large selections of Greek Key Pillows!

Pillow Covers by Tara Hale of Fabricate on Etsy

Tara does custom orders, too!

That's how it started for me. I like the look of one of her pillow covers, but it wasn't the size I was needing. But, she quickly and wonderfully set me up with the pillow cover choice and size that was perfect for our bed!

And I think it worked out SIMPLY DIVINE!

I originally ordered only 2 pillow covers. But, I loved the look SO much.... and thought it would be fantastic to make it even bolder by adding a 3rd Black and White Greek Key Pillow....

So, I did!

I ordered a 3rd from Fabricate!

I will share the rest of my bedding update later this week.

I adore the ability to custom order items and I have found that Etsy has really turned into a hot spot for me to order custom pillows.... see another one of my custom orders in this post.


  1. I feel like the Greek Key Print design is a classic yet chic!



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