Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY: Mongolian Lamb Ottoman

Oops... I did it again!

I love the Mongolian Lamb Ottoman / Stool look SO much, that when I found this stool at a flea market for just a few bucks, I had to do this again for our Master Bedroom!

I essentially utilized the same process for making over the stool as before {shown here}.

This time, I spray painted the legs gold instead of using the Rub n' Buff.

This stool is a little more petite, so it fits nicely in the corner of our bedroom.

Have you created a DIY version of anything using Mongolian Lamb?
I'd love for you to share it with us, if so!

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  1. I got to by a designer ottoman stool from the top furniture store in London as I wanted to redesign my bedroom in a new and stylish way and this bed end Ottoman stool in a designer French style with gorgeous upholstery is the perfect furniture piece that I was long looking for.


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