Thursday, October 15, 2015

A VERY Special Commission and Some Summer Vacay Shots

We are working on slightly upgrading/maturing my kiddo's room with a few minor changes/additions. 
One-of-which included my kiddo pleading with me for a specific commissioned piece of art.

"Come on, MOM... YOU CAN DO IT!"

With his sincere persistence and confidence, I proceeded to.... "try".

It might have worked out quite well. You can be the judge.
Kiddo has already provided me with his input.

None-the-less, it did make me realize that I have literally thousands of shots from our London trip this summer to still edit.... Ugggghhhh!!!!

At the very least.... here are a few inspiration photos!

The Royal Seal of England

The Royal Gates

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

The Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge

Our Swan Friend at Hyde Park

Hyde Park

The Elizabeth Tower.... or commonly referred to as Big Ben

And here is the commissioned piece of artwork:

Acrylic on 36" x 60" Canvas | Kiddo Goes to London

And I will....

Be posting more photos from our holiday abroad.
And.... final pics of kiddo's updated room.

What do you think.
Did I.... DO IT?!?!