Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Artwork by JoJo

Hello my friends, I have an exciting announcement to share with you!

Introducing new Artwork by JoJo.... in notecard form.

Each 3 1/2" x 4 7/8 " card is hand-painted on heavy grade pearl essence cardstock with acrylics and come with a brilliant white envelope with silver foil lining. Each piece is signed and dated.

These little gems aren't just notecards. They are original pieces of art... created by me! 
Since each card is handmade and signed, no two are exactly the same. 
Recipients of these cards can view them as a special gift and as art suitable for framing! 

That's right... double-duty notecards!

Indigo Colorway
Golden Colorway
Lilac Colorway 
Rose Blossom Colorway

The notecards are available in the above colorways: Indigo, Golden, Lilac and Rose Blossom. Because each card is unique and hand-painted, they will not look the same. Paint strokes and color hues may vary slightly.

So, here is the EXTRA exciting news.... you can enter to win a set of 4 notecards.

One of all 4 Colorways
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Once you have completed at least 1 of the above, leave a comment below {or on Facebook} and a drawing will be performed on Friday {6/21} at 8am CST. The winner will be announced on Facebook and on the blog.

How exciting... I know!
Makes me wanna do a lil' happy dance!

And what if you have ALREADY followed, liked, etc?!

Have no fear!

Just leave a comment below {or on Facebook} and let me know that you are already following, liking, etc and that you want to be included in the drawing for the giveaway!

Individual notecards are available for sale at Lost...antiques.


  1. I'm in! love your work :) I would definitely be framing them!

    1. You won, Brittany! Message me your address and I will get these out to their new home!

      <3 Joanne


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