Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Vow Renewal Celebration

I am still in the glow of last weekend's events.

The love.

The beauty.

The specialness....

just simply DIVINE.

I thought I would share a few of the simple and easy details we added to our special day.

First off....

I found the perfect invites on Pinterest {of course}!

I thought they totally set the theme of what we were doing.... a Vow Renewal. 

The theme:
WE still DO!

The invitations were for the celebration party only. I copied the design, look and theme for our ceremony invites in Word and printed them in black and white. The ceremony was very small and intimate. It was held at 10 am at the church. The ceremony was very special. I didn't think it would be SO emotionally powerful... but, it was. Thank the Lord for waterproof eye makeup!

I found the perfect dress at Nordstrom {of course}!

It suited me perfectly. 




with a little bit of edge!

The Eliza J Bell Sleeved
Lace Overlay Sheath Dress

It was perfection in every way!

I paired it with strappy silver heels and silver earrings and an adorable ring for the ceremony. 
I simply changed out the heels to high and silver glittery stilettos for the party!

The dress was very comfortable and easy to go from the church ceremony... to brunch.... to home... and to the party!

Here I am with my VERY WONDERFUL and HANDSOME groom!

The bouquet was created by H. Bloom.

The design had a huge nod to the white roses which were at our first ceremony. Although, white tulips were my flower of choice for the original wedding. They just weren't in season at our summer ceremony. And considering, we purchased our flowers from a grocery store {we were so young.... and with very very little money back then}, we really had no say in what we were getting. We, truly, just prayed for any white flower. 

This ceremony was quite different!

I met with a representative from H. Bloom.
See, we live in a high rise condo that is connected to a very fine hotel. H. Bloom is contracted for the floral arrangements for the residence portion, as well as, the hotel. I knew I would LOVE whatever they designed because I LOVE all of their arrangements on site.

I had total trust.... and they did NOT disappoint.

This is my bouquet:

Again, it was important to me to convey a....




Design in all elements associated with the ceremony and celebration. After all, that is what my desire is in all design and art I am a part of.... hopefully, this celebration exuded those very components.

I think it did.

These items were pretty minimal compared to my other parties and celebrations. But, I wanted them to pack a powerful PUNCH..... especially, since I wasn't devoting a lot of time and energy into them.

It was very important for me to enjoy this day and not to be bogged down with all the details.

So, I grabbed a whole bunch of very cheap wood letters at a rather large flea market. They provided a very good price per letter since this was for a vow renewal. They were so sweet and the letters turned out AMAZING!

I simply spay painted them GOLD.

The theme was really incorporated in the decor: WE STILL DO!

I had three sets of the phrase spanning the entire length of the lounge area.

Next up..... our CAKE TOPPER.

This is where our kiddo had to include his tastes, likes and design element.

He designed our Lego Minifigure Cake Topper.

An element that had to include him.

He is EIGHT years old. And we have been married for 15+ years..... so, he has a pretty heavy participation in our wedded union.

He also participated in the ceremony.

He is, after all, a "mini-me" of his "minifigure daddy". 
Can you tell the similarities?

The cake came from Society Bakery.


They also created some Vegan Cupcakes for our Vegan guests!

See..... kiddo was a party animal!

And having his grandma there to whisk him away.... at just the right time..... led for a lovely celebration.

We held the celebration in a lounge at the W Hotel - Dallas that is connected with our condo units.

They provided all the desserts and small bites.

Champagne was passed around on trays to all our guests. As well as, divine hearty appetizers.

We had a lovely full bar, bartendar and staff.

They provided such great service and a well-rounded pizzaz that was greatly appreciated by us and all our guests.

The W Hotel..... SIMPLY AMAZING!

It couldn't have been planned any smoother.

It couldn't have been executed any smoother.

I was a bride..... a planner.... but also, a guest.

It was a blessing to me!
I have done many many MANY events.... and this was BY FAR, the best!

Isn't that the way it should be?

I am so grateful to the family and friends that participated, prayed for this day and were such a part of this event.

It means so much to us.

Thank you!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vow Renewal Celebration

Do you ever have a memory that is just SO wonderful that you think about it ALL the time?

I do.

Or should I say....


Hubby and I renewed our Wedding Vows this weekend.

After 15+ years of marriage and about 18 years of togetherness.

It was amazing.

It was beautiful.

It was meaningful.

It was such a blessing to stand with my hubby and restate the love, dedication and devotion that we have had and will continue to have with one another.

It was a very small and intimate ceremony.

Our union was blessed, our family was blessed, our wedding rings were blessed.

The ceremony had unique Herda-humor embedded in the event:
Hubby couldn't get his wedding ring off his finger...
I dropped one of my rings on the floor...
Cute little giggles could be heard from all our family and friends.

It just added to the specialness.

I'm still enjoying the lovely flowers from the celebration.

I'll share more pics of the partaaaay later.

Until then, I will continue to think on this VERY SPECIAL memory.

Awwww.... I feel like such the newly wed..... giggle. giggle.