Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CRUSH: Pillow Talk

Etsy.... how I love thee.

I was just wasting spending some time on the shopping website to look for a little made-with-love pillow to add to my chocolate couch.

When I happened across Caitlin at BrightJuly

Pillows by Caitlin at Bright July on Etsy

She has some ADORABLE pillows!

I was searching for something in black and white to help counter-balance the brown on my couch. Plus, I thought it would be wonderful to bring in some of the black and white from our bedroom to our main living space. I recently added some Trina Turk pillows to the mix and was looking for one more smaller piece to bring in a little bit of personality.

When I saw Caitlin's "New York" pillow --- I about flipped!

I thought it was perfect, so I checked the rest of her listings and she had several other cities, but not "Dallas".

I thought.... "Dallas" would be perfect when this is my view from said couch during the day ---

And view from said couch at night ---

Then a little brilliant conversation started with Caitlin through Etsy's email system.


A PERFECT custom order!

VERY VERY quickly shipped, professionally made and Caitlin is a sweet person to work with on such a custom piece!


You can check out the rest of Caitlin's pillows at her BrightJuly Etsy shop.

Have you ordered a custom piece from Etsy and fallen head over heels in love with the final product?


  1. SO in love with those pillows!! And etsy in general! Great find!!

    --Sayeh, The Office Stylist

    1. Hello Sayeh, thank you!

      YES. Etsy is a HUGE land of WONDERFULNESS!

      Sometimes an overwhelming land of wonderfulness... but, WONDERFUL just the same ;)



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