Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WORDS: Grateful

Things have been crazy busy around here... and this week it is at an almost "insane" level of crazy.

But, that's a good thing. 
{Except, I'm not posting as frequently... sorry.}

I love being crazy busy... with good things.
{And I will be back to a more regular posting schedule very soon.}

I am grateful for all the crazy busy... good things.

Have a FABULOUS day, friends!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Pretties Added to our Bedroom

Here it is! The new corner of our bedroom.

We paired down.... scaled back.... 
and created a quaint, glorious, comfy and FABULOUS corner!

I mentioned here that we ordered a new sofette to go in this space. 
But, although it technically fit.... it was too big visually.

Kind of sad because I was really looking forward to cuddling up on a sofette...but, I am elated they had a wonderful return policy and came to pick it up today! 

So H-E-L-L-O to my beautiful new pieces!

I visited Scout Design Studio in the Dallas Design District last week.

I was broken-hearted about the reality of the sofette decision disaster.... but, upon entering the showroom my heart was instantly happy!

This place is FABULOUS!

So many unique pieces. Vintage furniture, art and accessories.... LOVE it all!

I came away with several options... but, I decided on this Vintage Leather Milo Baughman-esque Chair and the Lion's Paw Side Table.

The pieces are in such wonderful condition. No need to refurbish them at all!
But, Scout Design Studio does offer reupholstering and revamp services... isn't that wonderful?

You can follow them on Facebook here.
Who knows.... you might see something that interests you.

To top it all off...
I added a glamorous floor lamp to the corner.

I'm totally lovin' the crystals!

So.... what ya think?
I love how everything works so well with the bedding, rug and drapery.


Linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Hope your weekend was lovely...

Now, it's the start of another week.

As I organize kiddo's schoolwork, my personal and work schedule, and plan for meals for the week... I am reminded of what makes me happy, content, peaceful, joyful, and thankful.

Simple little experiences of everything around me!

Image by Joanne Herda

... while taking in everything and expressing your own PERSONAL STYLE!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

REVAMPED: Dorothy Draper Espana Chest

Lacquered High Gloss Dove White...

It is HEAVEN to me!

Made this little Craigslist score.... a GLAMOROUS TREASURE!

I had the dresser revamped by Again and Again here in Dallas.
They are just FABULOUS when it comes to glamorous vintage finds and pretty...pretty... pieces.
They are also... just FABULOUS.... when it comes to revamping said finds and pieces.

The new look goes quite well with my vintage brass console table.

All of this gold is making me so happy!

The large lip print was a Christmas gift from my hubby and kiddo.
It's from Jen Ramos at MadeByGirl... I have been eyeing it for quite some time and they surprised me at Christmas! What sweethearts!

It is a framed giclee print from an original watercolor designed by Jessica Rowe.
You can order the print here.

I am SO happy I did this.
It's been over a year since I've had this piece. I can't believe I waited so long to get this done.
Have I mentioned that this makes me SO happy?!?!?

Have you had anything revamped or lacquered lately... or have you put it off like me?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

INSPIRATION: White and Gold Interiors

I have been waiting to get my refurbished Vintage Dorothy Draper Espana Styled Chest back from the shop. I received it last night! I can't wait to share with you the before and afters.... it looks AMAZING!

It went from a very rough black and gold original look to ---> Lacquered Dove White and Gold!
Such a fresh look!

So, now..... I'm thinking about taking a Pagoda styled chair I have in worn Rattan
and... lacquer it white!

I'm also thinking about taking an old dresser that I refurbished in black and gold a few years ago
and... yes, paint it white!

Since, I am so drawn to this color combination, I thought I would share my love with you through some inspirational designs!


I was looking through Etsy for some art and I stumbled across this print by Evelyn Henson.
She has many City Map prints [Chicago, New York, etc, etc]... but, I loved that this was DALLAS and it was in my color combination obsession.

Thinking I will be ordering this shortly.

By Evelyn Henson on Etsy
Do you like the White and Gold Color Combination?
Or do you still reject all things gold and brass [I use to have that tendency].

Thursday, January 9, 2014

DESIGN: Sofette in the Bedroom

As I mentioned in this post... I am changing up a space in our Master Bedroom.

I have been searching for the perfect size sofa -- sette -- sofette to replace a chair and coffee table we currently have in the room.

This has been a very trying process.

I have loved many options, but they have been too large... or not large enough!


The difficulty with the space is that it is in front of a floor to ceiling 10' tall wall of windows.

I want to make it seem cozy, but yet, not distract from the view.

I want it to be very functional as MY SPACE in the morning.

West Elm Sutton Sofette

It seems like a HUGE conquest.

It can't be too feminine, because our bedroom is a neutral color scheme with black and white as the contrasting bold element. You can see our bedroom here.



It can't be too loud, either.

But, we found an option that we both LOVED after countless hours scouting consignment shops, Craig's List, antiques stores [I really wanted to reupholster a vintage piece], designer furniture stores and the web.

CB2 Avec Sofa in Peacock

 It is PERFECT in size!

PERFECT in color!

And it looks like it is gonna be super super comfortable!

The color, high arms and clean lines drew me to this piece.
And when the fabric swatch arrived.... I knew it would be PERFECTION!

It's the Avec Sofa in Sea Salt from CB2 [pictured below].

CB2 Avec Apartment Sofa in Sea Salt
So, let's see if I will really do end up LOVIN' it.... it arrives next week.
I'll keep y'all posted.

UPDATE: It arrived.
It really was COMFORTABLE!
It really did fit the space.
BUT.... it really didn't look right. It was too massive for the overall feel of the room.
PTL CB2 has a wonderful return policy!
So, I am just out the delivery fee for the return.
The pick-up has been scheduled and I have found a few options for the space.
Basically, it will be a comfy chair and a very small side table.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WORDS: Encouragement

When I found this quote, it made me sigh a sweet sigh.

It has been difficult for me, at times, to not become hard.... to hold on to the pain and bitterness.
But, my heart's desire is to always.... eventually.... LET IT GO!

For there is too much in life to do.
Too much in life to love.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Artwork for the New Year

Well, it's back to the grind.

Holidays are over and vacation has officially ended.
It's time to get going and grooving in this New Year!

I had a chance to spend some lovely alone time on Floor 24 [my studio] to paint...
paint... and oh yes, PAINT!

I was inspired a few weeks ago by the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, to create some pieces I blogged about here. These pieces featured today were inspired by the brilliant sky. I have such an amazing view from Floor 24. It's impressive to see how brilliantly blue and randomly gentle the sky and clouds can become in a matter of minutes.

Acrylic on 36" x 36" Canvas | True Colors | Available 
Acrylic on 36" x 36" Canvas | Living on a Prayer | Available at Again and Again

I loved the look of these pieces so much, that I decided to update a spot in my master bedroom with a new piece. So, I got to work right away.... deciding to utilize neutrals to help create a calming space.

We have ordered a new sofa for our room. My hope is, it will become my space to have a quiet time.... read.... plan the day... enjoy a cup of tea. To just relax and be alone. Currently, we have a chair with a coffee table. But, the chair isn't comfortable and the set up isn't optimized for such previously stated desires. It's really just wasted stuff and space at this moment. We ordered a studio-sized sofa in an oatmeal color. I am SO excited! I will share with y'all once everything has come together.

Here is the piece I painted to go on a wall perpendicular to where the sofa will be placed.

Acrylic on 48" x 48" Canvas | Uptown Girl | Unavailable
It's really beautiful to look at in the mornings.
I am pleased with how it turned out!

I shared this shot on my instagram page of it installed.

I then kept with the neutral palette and created these other two pieces.
La Isla Bonita has a gold shimmer throughout the piece. I love how it flows in and out with the white.
I can't really capture the sheen in a photo... but, trust me.... it's there!

Acrylic on 30" x 40" Canvas | La Isla Bonita | Available
Acrylic on 36" x 36" Canvas | Into the Groove | Available
So... back to the grind!
I'm excited that I am getting back.... Into the Groove.
Cuz, for me, it's not a grind. It's simply DIVINE!

To check out more of my artwork you can go here or like Floor 24 Designs' Facebook page here.

Thursday, January 2, 2014