Monday, December 10, 2012

A Christmas Home Tour

I wanted to share with y'all a little Christmas Tour of my home.

We moved here a little over a year ago, so this is our 2nd Christmas celebrating in this home.
We down-sized from a 3,000+ sqft surburban home to a condo in the city. We really love the space and I wanted to share with you how I do "The Blend" in my own home.

Now, onto how I decked our halls for Christmas.

This year I wanted to scale back the color drama and go for more shine, glitz and glamour. So, I opted to decorate with a lot of golds and silvers and use RED as an accent color. This is how it played out in our home.

This is where it all starts.

I added the silver ornament wreath to the mirror and moved around some of my other decorative accents {like the foo dogs} to make way for my collection of Christmas Trees.  I really love the red sequence trees!

They are just so festive!

And I added my red paper weight to the collection on the foyer table. It too provides a festive punch!

I have the silver ornament wreaths on both sides of the entry door.
These simple elements make a grand impact when you enter our home.

Immediately to the left, as you enter, is my office. 
That AWESOME wallpaper is temporary/removable wallpaper. AWESOMENESS!

I am really making this space... MY OWN! 

I homeschool out of it, it is command central, I blog from here, and I work from here and volunteer from here..... it needs to be comfy, cozy, provide inspiration and be GLAMOROUS!

It's a beautiful place to be. So, I had to include Christmas decor in my little sanctuary {never thought I would think of a work space as a sanctuary... but, it has a door -- people --- I can shut my door whenever I want to! Awwww...... see.... sanctuary!}

I hung silver ornament wreaths on the mirrors flanking our bed.

Simple, but yet, GLAMOROUS.

The accent pillow on the bed added the RED punch this space needed!

And of course, I had to add some nativity and "Noel" pieces throughout the room.

Gotta love ginger jars..... and they add the red punch... SO WELL!

We don't have a mantle in this home. So, we hang our stockings on a credenza which is purposed as a book case. I have a collection of Christmas trees on the top.

Can't forget to wreath it up in the kitchen --- even on the refrigerator!

Here is our tree this year... we went with a silver tinsel tree!

I am SO excited about this.... it is just WONDERFUL for our space.

We added the teal mostly to this living space because of the teal on one of our main walls.
We wanted to keep the decor fluid to that which it is throughout most of the year. 
The red was a fun and consistent new color punch throughout the home.

The tree looks SO lovely.
Especially at night.

It just sparkles 24-7!
I can't believe we waited so long to do the silver tree.... but, it is a BIG step when coming from a green artificial tree. It was somewhat of an adjustment when decorating it. But, it turned out well.... and I will be prepared next year for the decorating-know-how of said silver tinsel Christmas tree!

See how the red just makes a punch?
I actually spray painted this ginger jar red. That's what you do when you can't find something in the color you want. 

Ginger Jar in Different Color + Gloss Red Apple Spray Paint = Perfection!

We recently added a second couch to our living room furniture. It truly adds a sense of space. It also provides such a cozy section for conversations with our guests. I am SO glad we added that piece. The space feels finished now.

Aren't these vintage brass deer just FANTASTIC?!
They are so elegant looking. I love how they are in such an exquisite pose.

I arranged some more of my Christmas Tree Collection on our Eileen Gray Side Table.
It's as if the pieces are art propped up on a pedestal.

LOVIN' it!

I truly hope you enjoyed my Christmas Home Tour.

We have several get-togethers and parties planned for this space left yet this holiday season..... we will shower our guests with LOVE and FUN as we share the joy of Christmas with them! I hope you get showered with LOVE and FUN as well this Christmas!