Monday, September 30, 2013

Paris Preparations

I realize this is our last full homeschool week prior to Paris!

There is A LOT of preparation I must do during this week.
Not only for PARIS.... but, for my kiddo, dog and all those that will be running the show and living life for me here -- while I am there.

LOTS -- TO -- DO!

I at least have my staples for the trip.
Comfy clothes.
Comfy shoes.
Pretty container bags that are TSA aprroved!
Comfy infinity scarves.

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But, I am getting BEYOND excited!

I met with a couple of friends last week to discuss our upcoming trip. They are pretty much experts on Americans in Paris and... they got me so excited! Discussing little details and big questions. Getting a chance to just talk through some of my thoughts helped me out --- immensely.

I am about to take the kiddo to his art class --- and I --- get to sit for an hour with coffee in one hand and Paris notes and books in the other. I will continue my planning!

Let the planning continue!

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