Wednesday, June 11, 2014

CRUSH: Parker Kennedy Living

Even though my home's color palette is that of neutral tones as seen here, I LOVE color in design.

I tried bold colors in our space during the first year of us living here. I used teal, yellow, blue, and reds. I enjoyed the vignettes in my home, but we found that they were in constant battle over our view. Seeing how we have floor to ceiling windows on one entire side of our home overlooking downtown Dallas.... we realized that we were never going to win the battle. I had to let the view be the star of the decorative design of our home. Therefore, I started my shift towards a neutral color scheme throughout our space. Embellishing it with crystal, gold, unique and shiny objects to add interest. This way our eyes and spirits were calmed and soothed within the walls of the home, but once the eyes extended past the windows and into the view of downtown, they could get lost in all the activity and bussel.

All that being said.... I CAN NOT starve myself from color. I have a LOVE... and OBSESSION with color. And I get to fulfill my cravings through pretty stationary, accessories to fill my office, jewelry, and.... through instagram. Yep, instagram. 

I started following Parker Kenedy Living awhile ago. I realized that I have actually admired their work for quite some time and just didn't know who was behind it.

Foyer Design by Parker Kennedy Living
Parker and Kennedy Living is an interior design group based out of Atlanta. Lance Jackson and David Ecton are the fabulous co-founders and you can read more about their expertise and wonderfulness here.

Designed by Parker Kennedy Living
Designed by Parker Kennedy Living
Aren't these spaces just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?!?!?!
You're welcome.

Now, if you are like me and what to continuously see fabulous inspiration, follow them on Instagram right now... here!

I just wish I lived closer to Atlanta, because they also have some absolutely wonderful sales from their warehouse. Sigh....

Designed by Parker Kennedy Living
Designed by Parker Kennedy Living
Cabana Designed by Parker Kennedy Living

I am thankful for these two guys... they have brought COLOR back into my world again!

So, Lance and David.... I say, "THANK YOU!"

Designed by Parker Kennedy Living

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