Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coffee Table Styling

I recently spent some time procrastinating styling our coffee table with some pretty florals and fun accents.

Instagram Shot : jojoherda

Instagram Shot : jojoherda

I love to incorporate color in our home through florals. It's a temporary addition which can be enjoyed for the week or so then we can move on to another color scheme with some new florals. 

It's not that often when I can bring pink into the color scheme of our home... especially with my 9 year old boy... that is a color that isn't really "allowed" much. So, it's wonderful to be able to enjoy some pink through flower arrangements!

I enjoyed layering texture, height and materials in this little vignette.

I keep pretty much simplistic styling overall in our home, so it is a lot of fun to get to create such a fun space!

The flowers are still looking fresh... so, I get to enjoy pink for a little while longer! 

So, which color scheme will I get to play with next?

Maybe something a little patriotic: red, white and blue?!

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  1. I SO needed this post! Thank you! I will be saving it for my weekend coffee table project. It changes almost on a weekly basis....I am never quite happy with it. I am so inspired now :)
    By the way...Pink and white florals are my favorites to add to my home! And I think the pink is AMAZING on your coffee table!

    1. Thanks, Brittany! I'm so glad this has provided you some inspiration :)
      I am positive your coffee table project will turn out phenomenally well!

      I LOVE the pink with my colors. It's just so soothing.

  2. Tell me true... as a joke have you ever put that horse head in a bed?

    1. Oh, Bliss.... now I have an idea for my hubby's anniversary present.
      Thank you.... ha---ha---ha!


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