Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy November!

Or... the day after Halloween.

Or... an hour after I have returned from an 8 hour trip to a huge flea market.


It's FRIDAY and many good things are happening.

One of which... I am sharing our costumes from last night.
They were a hit!

Kiddo and me

Or should I say 'Susan' and The King of Pop 

I wasn't just any Madonna.

I was Susan from Madonna's first starring role on the 80's film "Desperately Seeking Susan".
I pain-stakingly made a replica of the jacket from the movie.

Jacket replica on the left and stills from Desperately Seeking Susan on the right.
Kiddo wanted to be the King of Pop, Michael Jackson from the Billie Jean / Moonwalk Performance.

Seeing how my hubby wasn't gonna go for a Boy George get-up. 
We settled on a simple George Michael circa Wham. Minus the shorts.

Hope y'all had a fun time!


Oh... and I TOTALLY found the start of next year's costume at the flea market today!

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