Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ME: My Day

Totally knowing that EACH of us have unique responsibilities... 

This is a glimpse inside my day... TODAY:

LEFT: Finishing up earrings for my Halloween Costume.
UPPER RIGHT: Almost ready to send off the first round of a custom piece to a lovely client.
LOWER RIGHT: Working on Kiddo's B-day Invites

With a Bible Study, Church Time, Toilet Cleaning, Cooking and Errands thrown about... it seems to be a normal day, but wait ---

This seems like a rather "crafty" day. 

Not such the norm. 
But, I guess that is what special events can do to a creative girl.

For my first "jewelery" making attempt -- not too shabby!

Whatcha up to today?!


  1. Replies
    1. Susan --- Madonna's character in the 80's film "Desperately Seeking Susan".
      I just shared the pics on a post, Chef Bliss! ;)


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