Monday, November 11, 2013

Manic Monday

This is a week where I will be kicking it in high gear.

I operate well in "high gear" mode.... are there others out there like me?

Kiddo's birthday is this week and there are a lot of festivities for said birthday going on.... as well as, a very full load of weekly functions. But, again... I operate well in "high gear" mode!

Even though I am doing a lot of running around... there is always time for a good piece of jewelery!

LOVE this type of snake...

It's so beautiful. The band is braided metallic silver leather with crystals embellishing the head and tip of the snake.


Have a FABULOUS week, my friends --
whether you are operating in "high gear" or "chillaxin mode".

And on another note:
Thanks to all the VETERANS | PAST PRESENT and FUTURE!

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