Monday, November 18, 2013

PARTIES: 80's Theme


We celebrated kiddo's b-day with an 80's themed party this year.

80's attire was encouraged!

Kiddo was sporting a vintage Atari Pac-Man shirt circa 1982.... pretty cool. 

Every year we chose our theme by kiddo's strong interests [of the moment]. This year was no different. 
He also likes to participate in the decision making and production of all the party decor.

For every holiday, birthday, or special occasion we decorate our front door. 
This is where kiddo participated and created all the pixel images of the ghost and Pac-Man.


Upon entering our home, our guests were greeted by a vintage E.T. Lite Brite, vintage Pac-Man Clock and some pretty radical buttons.

Awww.... boomboxes and cassette tapes.
Did you ever record songs off the radio on one of these things?

We wanted to anchor our decorating scheme with color. So, we chose the colors from a classic 80's puzzle -- The Rubik's Cube: orange, blue, red, yellow, green and white.

We also put emphasis on the 80's items that kiddo is specifically interested in: Pac-Man and the Rubik's Cube. And of course, the 80's pop music was playing during the entire party.

Before the cake, ice cream and presents.... we participated in our annual BOYS vs. GIRLS Scavenger Hunt
This year.... it was 80's themed. 

Each team was to complete a side of a "Rubik's Cube" in their team's color. Boys were blue and girls were yellow. Each clue provided an image from an 80's movie, TV Show, or song. 

Our guests had to guess how that corresponded to a location that was associated with the Birthday Boy. At that location they would find their puzzle piece. 

After 8 pieces were collected, the 9th location led them back to the birthday venue. 
The team that arrived first --- won. 
And.... the boys won... again
The current score is 2 wins for the boys and 1 for the girls. 
GIRLS -- We always have next year!

I made the cupcake toppers from an image located on the web.

The Reese's Pieces Cookies were delish! 
Here is the recipe.

Very very simple recipe, too. I'll share it later in the week.

What do you top a Pac-Man Birthday Cake with????

Ghosts.... of course!

Pac-Man wedges to place in your beverage of choice!
I utilized the same Rubik's Cube image to make the water bottle labels.

Each of our little guest left with a party favor Pac-Man cube filled with a vintage 80's Garfield mug, a mini Rubik's cube and popular 80's candy.

We had such a fun time!


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  1. Totally awesome, indeed! I can't wait for the Reese's pieces cookie recipe! Sounds so delectable! Great job pulling together another memorable bash!

  2. One clever mama! Is that Smurf holding a hot dog?

    1. Thanks, Bliss!

      It's Vanity Smurf and he is holding.... a mirror... to see all his "beauty"!
      We had so much fun!


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