Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DESIGN: Wall of Mirrors

Our dining room has been a little bit of a challenge for me. 
It needs to serve many purposes: functionality, flow with the rest of our open space and be a pleasant haven.

I know I have mentioned this countless times, but the floor to ceiling windows on one entire side of our home also presents a challenge in room layout and decor. But, I started to see more and more mirrored walls in design and it got me thinking. It looks classy, elegant and pleasant in my opinion. Then I started thinking it would open up the space and reflect the view from our floor to ceiling windows.

I have been planning this change for several months now. Another component of dissatisfaction was a buffet bookcase we have in our space. It was perfect for our last home, but the style has not fit in to our new surroundings quite well. I have been on a search to replace this piece since we moved in... but, I have not found a suitable replacement. So, I decided to bite the bullet and revamp this buffet! I took out the glass, replaced them with solid panels and painted the entire thing white! Plus I changed out the hardware and this has made all the difference in the world!

Now, I am just finishing up some of the changes on the wall --- adding the mirrors.

Can't wait to show you the final outcome!

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  1. Ooooooh I can't wait to see! I love that buffet!


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