Monday, July 14, 2014

Artwork by JoJo : Carnations

I spent some time this weekend working on a few pieces... and watching some 80's movies.
Who doesn't love a good chick flick - 80's - vintage pop - happy ending movie?

And when you have Molly Ringwald in the mix... well, you just know it will be a little piece of perfection.

Acrylic on 36" x 36" Canvas | 16 Candles
Molly Ringwald decked out in blue and pink carnations in the movie "Sixteen Candles".
Yes... the movie was "Sixteen Candles" and yes.... it inspired me to paint the piece in this post. 
Those carnations.... that face... it just says it all!

Did you ever get the privilege of being all decked out in blue and pink carnations for a wedding or some other fabulous 80's affair? 

I did! Oh the memories. 

"16 Candles" the painting [not the movie] is now available at Lost...antiques in the Dallas Design District.

And stay tuned for an announcement later this week for a very special SALE coming up!

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