Thursday, July 10, 2014

DESIGN: Mirror Mirror...

As I was taking these photos to share as an update from my last post... I realized that it is quite difficult to snap shots with mirrors all around... so you wouldn't get a peak at the leopard silk pjs I was wearing.

But, even if you spy a little leopard spot action, I was able to capture the below pics.

We LOVE the transformation of our space with these mirrors!
These two geometric mirrors were found at HomeGoods. And they were the PERFECT size for this space. I was going to order some smaller chevron mirrors similar the long wall mirrors, but these fit perfectly and were a fraction of the cost! WIN-WIN!

They replaced a framed art piece, but I have moved that piece into my office. It has a lot of sentimental value because it was the first piece of art I ever painted. 

The updates to the buffet just blow me away. What a can of white paint can do!

I replaced the glass on the doors with plywood I had cut to my needed measurements at Lowe's. You know they do that for free?! And it is just so simple to pick out your pieces and head on over to the cutter. I just had to paint the boards and then install them in the buffet. Easy-peasy! And cheap! My hubby really liked the glass, but I didn't like the feel of distraction from the styled shelves inside the cabinet. I could never really get good pictures of party cakes or other set-ups with all that "stuff" feeling like it was in the way. So, this was my solution and I LOVE the outcome!

I also replaced the buffet handles with modern silver handles. I like how they complete the buffet with some shine and sophistication.

The mirrors have added so much brightness, glam, shine and unity to our space.

We simply ADORE them!

The Chevron Tile Wall Mirrors were purchased from West Elm. I was able to hit a "mirror sale" so it really helped with the pricing for three of them.  The chevron tiles give the wall such an elegant and glam look. It looks beautiful from the sides of the room. It adds an understated interest to the space.

And here is a sneak peak of another favorite addition of ours... our Chiang Mai Dragon throw pillows in the new Spring 2014 Smoke Colorway!

LOVE them! I'll be sharing more information on them later this month.

This just makes me enjoy our space so much more... and I didn't even know that was possible!

What do you think?
Do you have a wall full of mirrors somewhere in your home?


  1. Seriously impressed right now! The buffet is amazing and the mirrors look so classy! Nice symmetry.

    I also had my eye on the herringbone mirrors....the complement your space so well!

    1. Awwww... that is FABULOUS Brittany! And these photos don't even do the space justice. I was scared to even post these... cuz, it just BEYOND amazing IRL!

      And... these chevron mirrors deserve 5 stars!!! We love it all!


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