Friday, August 9, 2013

WORDS: Refuse to be Average

I am an introvert.

Those who know me, may not think so... but, I really am.

I can speak at an event, with over 300 people, with ease and grace and work a room from person to person with laughter and exuberance... but, I LOVE to just be home in my pj's ** alone ** sipping on hot tea {or a glass of fine red vino} in complete silence.

But, I also have this fire inside me. Something that I was born with.... a drive that has to be God-given.... an energy that is, at times, other-wordly. It's as if it has been speaking to me since I was in my mother's womb, "Refuse to be average"...
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It's at the times when I step out of my comfort zone.... when I refuse to be average... that my HEART SOARS! 

It's hard to step out of my comfort zone. But, I love it when I do.

My kiddo is stepping out of his comfort zone today.
He is also an introvert.
But, his HEART SOARS and his SPIRIT SHINES when..... he is on stage.

Today, he will be playing the role of James Trotter in "James and the Giant Peach" in a production for Acting Camp. My mama heart is bursting with joy and pride!




  1. Way to go, buddy! I read recently that we are in the "God-zone" when we are out of our comfort zone. He has been pushing me way out of my comfort zone lately. Love ya'll!!


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