Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CRUSH: Sarah Briggs Jewelry

I have just increased my physical stock in jewelry this weekend.

Thankfully... my favorite jewelry designer, Sarah Briggs, was at the Dallas Contemporary! I loaded up on her pieces.


Loaded up!

Here is a shot of my newly collected stash.

Some vintage pieces utilized with modern pieces and some completely modern pieces.

I LOVE this stuff!

As you can see in EXHIBIT A and B.
Two recent photo shoots I've done for projects.

Seriously, this girl is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

And... she is SUCH a sweetheart.... with an adorable baby girl and wonderful husband. I love visiting with her every time I add to my collection. And my dear hubby has actually joined in on the fun and ordered from her --- for a Valentine's Day gift surprise!

Check out her stuff on Etsy and Facebook.

Image from Sarah Briggs Jewlery Facebook Page

Her pieces are not only creative and GORGEOUS... but, for ladies like me who have had their ears pierced since they were 3 months old {proof I'm Latina}... they are light weight! So, I can wear large beautiful earrings that won't tear my earlobes... PERFECTION!

Sarah Briggs

Do you have a particular designer you just love for jewelry?
Share with me!

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