Thursday, May 30, 2013

PARTIES: Adult Circus Theme

In our household, summer means gifts for the hubby.... Every. Single. Month.


Father's Day --- Anniversary --- Birthday

That means that my mind is racing with gift ideas for the hubster. Hence, it got me thinking to his Birthday Party last year.... so, I thought I would share it with y'all. 

We decided to start a new tradition last year. We would attend the Greatest Show on Earth every year for the hubby's birthday {it comes to town just across the street... and there is a show every year on his actual birth date... why not?!}. But, the question remains: Do I hold a Circus Themed Birthday Party for him --- every year? Well, we did last year.

And we don't take celebrations lightly around our Double-Wide in the Sky. Oh, the pressure!

Looking back at last year, kiddo decided we should hold a party for our favorite man. And since... we were planning to go to the circus on his birthday {hence the start of the tradition}.... we decided the theme of the party would be a CIRCUS theme. And the color scheme would be a little bit more masculine: black, white and red.

So, we went to work planning this elaborate celebration for a small "intimate gathering" {as kiddo called it}.

First job was creating the guest list. We didn't want to go all out since we were planning to head to the circus by a specific time. So, we decided to invite the hubby's co-workers for a Birthday Happy Hour. Which is perfect because my hubby works with some AMAZINGLY cool and AWESOME people. Which makes for a fantastic party guest list. It was also perfect.... because hubby works just across the street. So, people walked over when the Happy Hour started and walked back when it ended. PERFECT.

Next was creating decorations.

This was the VERY fun part.

Balloons - check
Streamers - check
Banners - check

Clown Noses... Mustaches....


Ha! These mustaches were super easy to create. I found the fuzzy adhesive mustaches at Party City. I simply cut a larger mustache out of black cardstock and adhered the fuzzy mustache onto said cardstock mustache and then adhered it to a candy stick using glue dots. Easy-Peasy and super fun! I also created some lips... better to kiss you with my dear....

While I was at the party store... I found some carnival tickets. And the idea to use them as a simple cupcake topper hit my brain. It turned out AWESOME and it was super quick!

I also used the tickets to decorate the straws, along with some red and white striped paper.

Believe it or not, I had picked up these paper straws at ZGallerie. They were on clearance. So naturally, I cleaned them out of their inventory. I just thought the gray and white would be so versatile. I was right! 

Next came the cake topper.... again I used the carnival tickets and a little souvenir I brought back from Guatemala.

I hung black, white and red decor from the windows. It gave somewhat of a Big Top tent feel. That's what I was going for without the work of creating fabric {or plastic table clothes} to drape into the center of the room. This was clean and simple.

Next up was the menu.

Since it was a Happy Hour, I wanted to have some heavy appetizers. Especially since I didn't want to spend all that extra $$$$ at the circus on gross food {which sometimes you just have to have}. So, I decided to stick with the circus theme.

Hot Dogs {of course!}
Caprese Salad on a Stick
Roasted Peanuts
Circus Marshmallow Peanuts
Cotton Candy
Home-made Whole Wheat Pretzels 
Chocolate Cake
Margarita Cupcakes {for the adults only}

and of course.... adult beverages and fun kiddo drinks.

I simply folded down small lunch sacks and tied a carnival ticket with baker's twine for the roasted peanuts. And BTW, it was quite difficult to find the roasted peanuts with the shells. I ended up finding them at the liquor store... of all places! But, I guess it does make sense.

It was great to have a light and refreshing component to the menu.... but something with protein. The caprese salad was an easy solution that was also brilliantly displayed. Mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes, basil and some balsamic vinaigrette.  My kiddo thought the "lettuce" was the best he had ever tasted! Perfect!

Strawberries were also a nice alternative. Although.... I think only one was eaten.

The popcorn was devoured.... and how fun in the little popcorn containers.

I used the same craft paper to create the cones for the cotton candy and the water bottle labels.

The Blue Cream Frostie Soda.... is my hubby's favorite. So, we had to have some of that on hand at the beverage station!

I always like to create a luxurious set-up with the beverage station. It's adds an extra dose of fun... creating your drinks with festive little straws, fruit and quirky elements.

Hot dogs were a piece of cake! Popped them in the slow cooker on high for 2 hours and then turned down to warm for the party. Cooked well and tasted great! I had a selection of whole wheat and white hot dog buns. A little relish for those who like the extra kick. And of course, I had to be a little festive with the ketchup and mustard. {These containers will be fun to keep on hand.}

The pretzels were SO delish! I don't know how they keep after a day. They were all eaten. Several by... yours truly. They were seriously good!

So, that's how kiddo and I put together a little Circus Happy Hour Birthday Party for my hubby... last year.

A whole lot of LOVE and FUN went into this shindig!

I have to say....
I think it was...
The Greatest Circus Happy Hour Birthday Party on Earth!

Now.... Do I do it AGAIN this year?
I simply can't do the same thing twice.... your thoughts?


  1. My best friend is turning 40 this year and we wanted to do something memorable for his party. I've been researching ideas online and I think my favorite idea so far I got from a murder mystery parties blog. None of us have ever participated in a murder mystery party, or dinner, but I feel like it would be a fun time that would not be very easily forgotten! I really like your ideas too though! I may try to incorporate some of them into the party.

    1. Happy 40th to your firend, James! And what a great friend he has in you... I'm sure no matter what you decide it will just be WONDERFUL and fabulous! I'm sure he will enjoy it VERY much!

      Have a great day!

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  3. This is an interesting post to read. Thanks for sharing it. My cousin is turning 20 next month and I am planning to do something special for her. I would host a tea party ideas and book a venue NYC. Feeling excited for everything.


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