Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Pretties

I was recently asked where I get inspiration for my artwork. 

Since, I mostly work with color schemes, I really do pull a lot of inspiration from what I see around me every day.

And when I say every day..... that definitely includes Pinterest inspirational sources.
{That app on my phone makes it so dog-gone easy to quickly browse and repin favorite images/inspirations... All. The. Time!}

Here are some images I have recently pinned. They have provided color inspiration to some of my recent artwork.

Jordan Carlyle Home Tour

Neutrals.... neutrals... neutrals.....

I am just MAD about neutrals with GOLD and SILVER accents.

It's what I have surround me in my home and it is one of the most soothing palettes for me to paint.

Here are a couple of those large canvas neutral paintings.

Hazy Bliss can be found at Again and Again in the Dallas Design District.

And then, have you heard about this little thing called "Color of the Year".... ummmm yes..... I am OBSESSED with greens lately.

Here is one fun image I pinned. I love the play on patterns in the drapery, rug, lampshade and bed skirt. That chair, is just one awesome chair with the contrast piping. LOVE!

Emerald Rooms - House Beautiful
And have you seen Malachite floating around these days on all the blogs, Pinterest and other places. From jewlery to fabric to clothing..... this craze inspired this piece.

Now, I grew up as somewhat of a TomBoy. OK.... I was down right repulsed by "girlie" items. Hey, I could hold my own on the baseball field surrounded by rough and tough boys. I just had to remind them that I could castrate pigs. And once they saw how I could hit the ball and play a mean short stop --- they let me play.

But, now things are different. I can still castrate pigs, I just wear high heels while doing it. Hah!
No, but seriously, I am a sucker for a little bit of girlie girl pretties. After all, that's one of the blessings of being a woman.

Take this fabric for example..... swoon.

Sakura Blossom Fabric at Tonic Living
Here is my take on the same color palette. Plus, I have a larger one that I just completed with the same hues and it is simply gorgeousness!

My kiddo on the other inspired by what to wear from the art which surrounds him.... LOL!

He did quite well with this choice of shirt!

Saved by the Bell {featured in the background} can be found at Again and Again in the Dallas Design District.

Has anything inspired you lately on Pinterest?

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  1. Yes! Pinterest is such a wonderful source of inspiration! I love how you matched pics of rooms with your art and compared them side by side.


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