Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kiddo's Room {Re}Design

We have just returned from a little relaxing vacation.

I got to visit with family that I haven't seen in awhile. It was so lovely, we were able to create many new memories.
Kiddo had a FABULOUS time... and so did our dog, Sir Chewbacca {he LOVED chasing butterfiles in the grass - adorable!}

But, now we are back and there are many MANY things to do... and... do!

One of the priorities is a slight redesign of kiddo's room. He is in DESPERATE need of book shelving.  Plus, we wanted to lighten up his bedroom a bit. It is painted a denim blue color and he has several black accessories and dark wood components throughout the room. So, we thought we would have some fun and add color with the bookshelves. We won't be repainting or changing out much of the furniture. But, I think this will make a rather enormous design impact!

Here is what we have so far:

Below is kiddo's current comforter. We will not be replacing this. He also has a large wool area rug from CB2 {discontinued} that has similar green colors as the above pillow. He also has a few other items with this accent color. I think it compliments the red, white and black well.
PB Teen

The bookcases will be flanking his bed. So, we needed another solution for lighting. He is such an avid reader and LOVES to read at night. We thought it would be fun to add these lights above his bed.

Ikea Wall Mount Lamp
We will see how this all turns out.

For now.... we will make due and I promise to reveal the room once it is done!

Have a FANTASTIC week!


  1. How exciting!

    Also, blogging question: How do you layer pictures into one photo/add numbers or words to the picture collage?


    1. Hello Madeline!

      picmonkey.com is my source for creating simple collages and editing them with text.

      It is a two step process.
      (1) Create and save collage.
      (2) Import saved collage and edit with text, etc. Save new jpg.

      There might be an easier way. But, this is what I do. Easy and free!

    2. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try it out! :)


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