Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Table Setting

Once upon a time there lived a very unromantic man.

He married a lovely charismatic girl who liked to celebrate every occasion.

Many years went by and the two learned to compromise in the most lovely ways...

That unromantic man is now my VERY romantic hubby.
That lovely girl was me.

Now, with our many years of compromising, we celebrate Valentine's Day with a stay-at-home dinner affair!

Some years we extend invitations to friends to help partake in our feast.
Every year, since kiddo was born, the table is set for at least 3.

I prepare the meal all day.... 
a hearty dinner and decadent dessert that even Julia Childs would be impressed with.

Kiddo helps me decorate the table setting and our home.

We enjoy exchanging gifts before dinner.... then we dig in.

The table setting is different every year, and this year....
We went with a red / orange / pink / glam / animal theme.

As always, I mix metals and I mix vintage with modern pieces.
We are totally excited about setting it up for Valentine's Day!

Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?


  1. Gorgeous table setting! What a sweet story and I love your Valentine's Day tradition. Growing up my Mom would always bake a heart shaped red velvet cake and my Dad would bring home red roses for my Mom and 2 bouquets of pink carnations, one for my sister and one for me. We also each received a box of Sees's candy. I think of my Mom on Valentine's Day and those fond memories. She passed away to cancer 7 years ago. I carry on the tradition of the red velvet cake for my hubby and bring my Dad a box of See's candy each year. Happy Valentine's Day to you Joanne!!

    1. Thank you so much, Allison.
      Such a sweet story of your family Valentine tradition. I am sorry about your mom's passing, but I am thankful you have such sweet memories. I will be thinking of your mom as I make red velvet cupcakes tomorrow [they are my hubby's favorite].

      Happy Valentine's Day to you!


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