Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Pretties Added to my Kitchen

I've done [yet another] update to our little Double-Wide in the Sky.

This time... in the kitchen!

And I have got to say.... I LOVE IT!

When we first moved in 2.5 years ago [wow, I can't believe it's been that long now!], I knew I wanted something on the wall of our kitchen. Essentially, this is our only kitchen wall, but 1 of 3 actual walls in our main living area [the 4th is a wall of windows]. This wall had to have interest!

So, I had white platters and a clock on hand when we moved in... 
and that's what I initially scattered on this wall. 
It worked well.
For almost 2.5 years.

But then.... I wanted something with a little more POP!
A little more artisty-fartsy!

And that's when I designed this:

I love the 3D component of this display.

The ceramic flowers can be found here at Arhaus.
I ordered both the medium and small magnolia plates.
And the clock is a cheap one from Amazon.com found here.

I left the hash marks out from the display of the clock, I like the simplicity of just the numbers. 

I quite enjoy the coloring of the ceramic flowers. I thought I was going to miss the white, but this is more subtle, more delicate which actually adds to the overall artistic display. Plus, I love how they complement the drapery.

I might add a few more flowers, but in the meantime I am pretty pleased with this look.
I will say, the clock has only been up for a few days and it has already lost time on several occasions. Grrrrr... not a fan of climbing up on that counter and fixing it. Since it was a descent price, I may get another and replace it.

I updated the Home Sweet Home page, so you can see all the recent "New Pretties" throughout our home.
It's amazing the transformation that has taken place over the last 2.5 years.

But, I must say... I LOVE spending time in my home.


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