Monday, February 10, 2014

WORDS: Beautiful

I had this wild and crazy weekend!

It was SO out of the ordinary for me.... I was PAMPERED!

Boy, do I mean... I WAS PAMPERED!

I was actually a model for a day!

A real-life model.... with a photo shoot.... with a stylist... with makeup.... with hair.... it was 

I have never felt more beautiful.


I thought this quote was perfect to start this week.
I want to be beautiful every day and this is a great way to "apply the make-up".

Speaking of applying make-up...

Miss Bridgette applying my make-up for the photo shoot this past weekend.

I'll share the details with y'all about the project when it is released.... let's just say....
there is a lot of Heart and Soul involved!

For today, I can share with you something else that was an honor and privilege to do.
I shared my Heart Story with for an article on their website to help raise awareness about Heart Disease in women.

Please go here to read the photo essay about my story and the story of 2 other women.

Photo utilized in this story on -- Photo credit goes to my 9 year old son!

Now, off to the REAL world of laundry, cleaning, teaching, and all the other wonderful things that make me beautiful!


  1. Someone else may have put your makeup on for one day, but what makes you beautiful is what radiates out, and no one can put that on you.

    1. Awwww... thank you, sweet Bliss!
      And this coming from a VERY BEAUTIFUL lady!


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