Thursday, May 29, 2014

REVEAL: Kiddo's Bedroom Makeover

This is what now.... take 3?
I don't honestly know.
I have lost count.

But, if so..... let's say the third time is a charm... ha!

Seriously, though.... we are LOVING his new room.
It is FUN!
It is HIM!

The biggest change was redoing the walls in Cole and Son Woods Wallpaper
We decided to do the entire room instead of just a focal wall to add dimension and brightness to the space. It is such a lovely and fun backdrop... and it makes his very important art pieces pop. Love it!

Another new addition is the painting on the right in the above pic. Even though it has special meaning to us, it has sadly been in storage for the last year. It is a piece from a fabulous Dominican artist, Justo Susana. It was purchased by my hubby's parents in '71. My hubby was born in the D.R., so it meant a lot to him when his parents gifted it to us when we were first married. Now, our kiddo gets to enjoy it as he enters his room.... and the colors are so wonderful!

We also HAD to keep his authentic vintage Star Wars Subway poster... don't worry.

I wanted to incorporate some natural elements in his room. Not only because I like to do that with every room in our home, but also to evoke a deeper sense of woodiness [I think I just made that word up] from the wallpaper. I found these reclaimed pine nightstands and I think they do the trick very well!

Since our home has only 2 bedrooms and 1 living space, we have incorporated a living space in his room for himself. It is a must. The sofa is not new, but we have added a bear accent pillow with red glasses like my kiddo... and a new chrome modern side table.

Kiddo enjoys painting and we added some of his work to his room in the last makeover. But, this time we wanted the focus to be on a few select bold pieces. So, he worked his artistic side and created this 48" x 60" piece to balance the red in his room. I LOVE IT!

Job well done, my son.... job well done.

The next addition to his space is one of complete marvel!
I tell you.... the redo/revamp/remake of vintage and old pieces just astounds me....
especially when you high gloss RED LACQUER those puppies!

I wanted to replace his bulky, old and dark desk with something brighter and smaller. He wanted to create a "Command Station" for all of his sit-at-a-desk activities. And that we did!

I found a vintage campaign dresser at Scout Design Studios located in the Dallas Design District. Thank goodness for instagram... that is when it hit me what I could do with the piece they posted for sale. I quickly went down there, took dimensions, headed back home and finalized my plan.

And they executed it!

We kept one of the bookcases from the last makeover and I wanted to have his command station the same color as the high gloss red. I also had a file cabinet from his bulky, old and dark desk that I wanted to keep and makeover.

So, Scout Design Studio used a drawer from the bookcase and color matched the campaign desk and the filing cabinet. We also added new hardware on the filing cabinet, but we kept all the hardware on the campaign desk..... boy these pulls are just stunning!

Didn't they do a FABULOUS job?!
Follow them on FaceBook here and Instagram here so you too can see what finds they have for sale!

I needed to be a little clever with lighting though since his desk is much smaller than before. A desk lamp would not work. So, I reused these lights from the last redo. They were over his bed before, now they add perfect spot lightning to where he needs it!

So, that's all.... that's the tour of Kiddo's Bedroom Makeover....
whatcha think?

I PROMISE.... I'm done!
At least until next time.

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  1. LOVE it! Very dramatic and stunning! Yet perfect for a boy!

    1. Thanks, Madeline! We are LOVIN' it!

  2. Replies
    1. Do or do not, there is no try.
      i.e. : Like with your painted chairs! They are FAB!

  3. Just came across your blog on insta - love your home! We have very similar taste!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Meghan! By what you said, I can tell you have FABULOUS taste :p

      Have a great day!

  4. Wow! I love what you did to the room. Your choice of wallpaper is really gorgeous. It kind of reminds me of old Grimm Brothers fairy tales kind of “walking in the woods” feel. I also love the camouflage design on the blankets. It’s very masculine, yet whimsical. Kudos for such a great job! :D
    Roberta Fox @ Mattress Glendale

    1. Thanks for the sweet words, Roberta!
      Masculine, yet whimsical is precisely what we were going for... that's wonderful you feel it too ;)
      Have a great day!


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