Thursday, December 4, 2014

HOME: Kiddo's Christmas Decor

Kiddo's Christmas decor didn't change much from last year.
But, his room has changed significantly since last Christmas.... that wallpaper... l-o-v-e!

So, it really adds a wonderful touch to the overall feel of his room at Christmas time.
Here is how his tree looked last year.

We kept it pretty simple this year. 
Main focus is on the tree.
We added a few pieces of decor in his bathroom and these wreath ornaments on his closet doors.

I'm looking for a hand-made afghan in his colors [teal, celery green, and red] to add to the foot of his bed during the holiday season. He loves to cuddle up on his bed or couch and read. I think that would be a festive and practical touch. I have a feeling I will have to special order the color combination and it won't be ready this year. But, there are a lot of wonderful vendors of Etsy for this type of request!

As usual, he helped decorate the tree. But, this year he added a special touch to his technique....
He named EVERY SINGLE bird on his tree.

The top red one is named Hedwig.

I can't remember the rest of the birds.... but, he sure does.

It's the perfect size tree for his room...
and it's perfectly festive for his personality.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. That is perfect wallpaper for a boy's room. And, it is so nice for kids to have Christmas trees for their bedrooms. My mother did this for us when we were children. I remember it fondly.

    1. Thank you, Ann for the kind words. Yes... fond memories are what we are going for! Merry Christmas!


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