Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A White and Glamorous Christmas Tree

It's that time of year again....


The time I drag out all the decorations from Christmases past and frantic over how I will decorate this year. Well, at least that's how it's been since we moved to our high-rise. This is the 4th Christmas we've spent here now [w-h-o-a how time flies] and I feel like I just might have gotten it right this time.

Not that it ever looked bad before.... just for one reason or another, it didn't suit the space.... or us.
But, this time..... it suits all those things PERFECTLY.

I'll be sharing our Christmas decor over the next few days so you can see how this year, we turned our home into a little Winter Wonderland!

First, we'll start with our Christmas Tree.
Here is how our tree looked like last year. It was only on it's 2nd year of life but by the end of the season, 80% of the bulbs were burnt out! That's the only reason why we retired it and moved onto a new tree this year.... the only reason.... but, we got to change things up a bit because of it.

And.... we LOVE our new white tree!

Here is the tree with the lights turned off.
I chose to keep the color palette the same as the rest of our home: white, neutrals, and a mix of metals [gold and silver]. We really love how it blends into the rest of our home design. Here is a Christmas home tour from 2012 and it is quite different in terms of the color arrangement. It's hard for me to remember that look.... but, it's fun to look back.

When the tree is lit, it gives off this glow that in the daylight is warm... it doesn't look as pinkish as the pictures portray.  But, the glow is definitely soothing, both at day and at night.

I have about over 100 cross ornaments I have collected over many years. 
Every year I think I can't possibly use all of them.... but, I do.

I fill the tree up with lots of fillers and ornaments. It's hard to see the many layers I have into the tree.
Inner Layer: pearl and glass wired garland wrapped around the tree's center post.
Mid Layer: Glitter leaves stuffed and little arrangements and small ornaments
Outer Layer: ornaments and ornaments and ornaments!
Final Exterior Layer: Large poinsettias to complete the look

Now, to share with you that soothing glow at night..... it just shines so brightly.

We LOVE it!

I never thought I would have a white Christmas tree. But, I really like how it works in our home.
How about you... what tree color is your favorite for your home... for you family?
Tomorrow, I'll share with you kiddo's teal Christmas tree!

Have a great Wednesday, friends!

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