Wednesday, December 4, 2013

HOME: Kiddo's Christmas Tree

Every year kiddo has a Christmas Tree in his room.

The tree use to be red. 
But, last year many of the lights went out. So, we got a new tree.  
He wanted a funky color.

He chose TEAL.

And since we recently added that color to his bedroom decor [you can see the updates here].... 
it looks FANTASTIC in his room!

He has a collection of little nutcracker ornaments, but he didn't want them on his tree this year.
He thought they would distract from the awesome color combination of teal, red and green... he was right.

I found these Martha Stewart bird ornaments at a thrift store. They were in new unopened boxes.
And the fact that kiddo loves to observe the birds whenever we go for walks... these ornaments really became a win-win for all involved. He simply adores them.

The tree topper is the largest he has ever had... it's enormous!
This is a 7' tall tree!

The tree color, lights, ornaments and glitz really all go great in his bedroom.
We especially love how it looks up against the abstract art that he painted.

And if you missed it, you can check out our fun family tree here.

I must say.... it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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  1. At my house it's beginning to look a lot like a Christmas mess! The stuff got hauled out, but I haven't had time to get at it.


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