Monday, April 21, 2014

REFLECTING: Easter Dinner

As I sit here exhausted from the festivities of the past two days, I am reflecting on what a beautiful, glorious, and fun Easter we had yesterday.

I had worked all day on Saturday preparing, baking, cooking, and cleaning. But, it wasn't work really. Do you ever just get into a zone and love all of the activity that you are doing in said zone? That's how I was on Saturday. I had "alone time" all day since the boys were away. I had quiet all day since said boys were away..... ahhhhhh.... it was nice. Me, quiet, and my zone... heavenly!

Then Sunday came, Easter Sunday.

Bright and early before it was light, I awoke and started preparations for a wonderful day. Early church service with the family and then the rest of the day was filled with fellowship and eating.... heavenly!

I made everything on the planned menu I share in this post. And the outcome was extraordinary! I followed all the recipes I linked to and it was.... well.... heavenly!

Good food, good fun, good fellowship and a GREAT EASTER!
I hope you had a lovely it's back to the week ahead!


  1. Beautiful! Did you do the flowers yourself? I love the color scheme and adorable little flags on the cake and in the flowers.

    1. Thank you, Madeline. Yes, I did the flowers [and the flags] myself. It was so much fun pulling it all together.... and I LOVE the color scheme too!


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