Thursday, April 24, 2014

DETAILS : Kiddo's Room

Things are starting to come together for the re-redesign of kiddo's room. We are all excited about it.... for real! At first, both my hubby and kiddo were not too thrilled about doing yet another redesign on the bedroom, but they both understood how dark the room can be. So, our goal is lightening and brightening up the space in this go around.

We are succeeding!

One of the big things we have decided to do is to get rid of his big bulky dark corner desk. It has served us quite well now for over 7 years. We found a vintage campaign desk at Scout Design Studio that kiddo just loves. We are planning to lacquer the desk and another piece red to match one of the Ikea bookcases we purchased in the previous redesign. We will be creating a whole new command center station for him with all these pieces. 

Another change we are doing is wallpaper! I mentioned it before in this post, but the wallpaper has been ordered and the team has been contracted to pull it all together in the next month or so..... yippee! This will be the biggest change. We want the wallpaper to be the star of the room, so we will be limiting the art we choose for the wall --- obviously the vintage Star Wars Subway Poster will still make the cut.

Here are some pieces from our redesign:

Cole and Son Woods Wallpaper | CB2 Bear Pillow | West Elm Reclaimed Pine Nightstand

We have already started some of the furniture changes in his room and it is already making a HUGE difference. So much more room and a lighter and brighter feel already!

Can't wait to show y'all the reveal!
And.... maybe this time.... will be the last time?!?!?

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