Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Past

I was looking through some old digital photos and organizing them when I happened across these...

Oh, the day when I could have many collections of items in my home.
To be able to store them and bring them out when the time was appropriate.

My little Easter Bunny and blown eggs were some of those items.

And the days when I could have both my white porcelain and milk glass collection AND my celadon collection..... ohhhhhh the days when....

I also had a huge multi-colored rose bush in the back yard. 
That would bloom.... and bloom.... I LOVED IT!

With time... comes change.
And that is the path that we have been on.

But, you can always make things beautiful no matter where you are!
There is SO much beauty around, it's easy to make it happen!

I look at these images remembering how beautiful my surroundings and belongings were in the suburbs not with a heavy heart, but rather, a grateful heart.

Grateful that time has passed, surroundings have changed, belongings are different, but BEAUTY..... BEAUTY remains to be same.... all around me!

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