Thursday, January 9, 2014

DESIGN: Sofette in the Bedroom

As I mentioned in this post... I am changing up a space in our Master Bedroom.

I have been searching for the perfect size sofa -- sette -- sofette to replace a chair and coffee table we currently have in the room.

This has been a very trying process.

I have loved many options, but they have been too large... or not large enough!


The difficulty with the space is that it is in front of a floor to ceiling 10' tall wall of windows.

I want to make it seem cozy, but yet, not distract from the view.

I want it to be very functional as MY SPACE in the morning.

West Elm Sutton Sofette

It seems like a HUGE conquest.

It can't be too feminine, because our bedroom is a neutral color scheme with black and white as the contrasting bold element. You can see our bedroom here.



It can't be too loud, either.

But, we found an option that we both LOVED after countless hours scouting consignment shops, Craig's List, antiques stores [I really wanted to reupholster a vintage piece], designer furniture stores and the web.

CB2 Avec Sofa in Peacock

 It is PERFECT in size!

PERFECT in color!

And it looks like it is gonna be super super comfortable!

The color, high arms and clean lines drew me to this piece.
And when the fabric swatch arrived.... I knew it would be PERFECTION!

It's the Avec Sofa in Sea Salt from CB2 [pictured below].

CB2 Avec Apartment Sofa in Sea Salt
So, let's see if I will really do end up LOVIN' it.... it arrives next week.
I'll keep y'all posted.

UPDATE: It arrived.
It really was COMFORTABLE!
It really did fit the space.
BUT.... it really didn't look right. It was too massive for the overall feel of the room.
PTL CB2 has a wonderful return policy!
So, I am just out the delivery fee for the return.
The pick-up has been scheduled and I have found a few options for the space.
Basically, it will be a comfy chair and a very small side table.


  1. Where is the chair and coffee table going??

    1. Well, at Lost...antiques!
      They were moved to the space this weekend.

      Sometimes my best finds can be in my own home ;)


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