Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Pretties Added to our Bedroom

Here it is! The new corner of our bedroom.

We paired down.... scaled back.... 
and created a quaint, glorious, comfy and FABULOUS corner!

I mentioned here that we ordered a new sofette to go in this space. 
But, although it technically fit.... it was too big visually.

Kind of sad because I was really looking forward to cuddling up on a sofette...but, I am elated they had a wonderful return policy and came to pick it up today! 

So H-E-L-L-O to my beautiful new pieces!

I visited Scout Design Studio in the Dallas Design District last week.

I was broken-hearted about the reality of the sofette decision disaster.... but, upon entering the showroom my heart was instantly happy!

This place is FABULOUS!

So many unique pieces. Vintage furniture, art and accessories.... LOVE it all!

I came away with several options... but, I decided on this Vintage Leather Milo Baughman-esque Chair and the Lion's Paw Side Table.

The pieces are in such wonderful condition. No need to refurbish them at all!
But, Scout Design Studio does offer reupholstering and revamp services... isn't that wonderful?

You can follow them on Facebook here.
Who knows.... you might see something that interests you.

To top it all off...
I added a glamorous floor lamp to the corner.

I'm totally lovin' the crystals!

So.... what ya think?
I love how everything works so well with the bedding, rug and drapery.


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  1. This looks so clean and classy! Love the new look, ties in perfectly with the rug and bedskirt. Fabulously done! :)

  2. So luxurious! I'm working on a black/white/gray master bedroom at our house so this is great inspiration for our room!

    1. Thanks, Kelley! Good luck with everything... I'm sure it will just turn out stunning for you in your room!


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