Monday, July 15, 2013

New Pretties added to My Office and Laundry Room

I made a few more changes and additions to the closet I turned into my office...

With each and every update/change/modification, the space has become more of a reflection of my personality, taste and style. Which is the way it should be ---- right?

Well, when you walk into our home, you can quickly see that I love all things vintage - glamorous - fabulous - unique - artsy - creative and GOLD.

So, that is why a gorgeous GOLDEN pretty modification needed to be made:
I spray painted my mirror GOLD.

And.... I LOVE IT!

That change with the new artwork my kiddo painted for me {the watercolor heart in pink}, just makes this space even happier.... even prettier.... even more --- ME!

I also added this little chevron and greek key rug.

I love all the bold prints going on in this space.

This shows how small of a space it really is.... and that it was indeed intended only to be a walk in closet that leads to our rather small laundry room.

But, that is where I also added some new pieces to help extend the warmth of this space!

I had a little jump up and down moment when I found the large watercolor painting at the antique store that I have my space {Lost... antiques}. While we were all having our large sale, a dealer had over 90% on this huge already-framed piece of art. I just LOVE the colors and knew it would be perfect.... after all, it has a GOLD frame.

But, I was quite concerned it wouldn't fit into the little nook in the wall.
But, the fit is --- PERFECTION!

So, I quickly grabbed the piece of art at a steal of a price and I also picked up a print form Jennifer's space. She had a sale going on as well and this was The Pink Pagoda print that I have had my eye on for quite some time! You can check out more of her awesome prints here!

The other piece of art is more artistic love from my kiddo.

Not too shabby for some simple updates....

I love all my new pretties!


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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth.

      Somehow the content was removed... but, I had seen it prior to my reply.
      Your sweet words mean a lot!

      - Joanne


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