Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our City Balcony

There have been a few things that I really miss since living in a high rise.

But, the biggest.... is a yard.

I love yards. Tending to the garden. Mowing the grass and trimming the bushes.
Yes, I LOVED our yards.

But, this home doesn't have a yard.

It may have 2 pools, several bar options, and room service....
But, it doesn't have a yard.

Instead, it has a balcony.
That overlooks downtown Dallas.

Not complaining...

A QUITE LARGE balcony.
We have so much space, we designed 3 sitting areas which we use very very frequently.
We have the dining area, sofa area and the chit-chatting area.

I have always had an herb garden in every home we have occupied. Even my first apartment had some potted herbs in the kitchen. So, I have to maintain my herb-loving ways in the high rise.

This planter does the trick and provides me with all my favorites: rosemary, mint, thyme, and sage!

This sofa area has been utilized by me the most. I have spent hours on this thing.... during the morning, afternoon and evening. It's beautiful at any time of the day and it is so comfortable. The sofa was one of the first purchases I ordered on-line for our new home... and it does NOT disappoint! I can't believe it will be three years in Our Double-Wide in the Sky come August.... THREE years!

Then we have a little corner for coffee, tea, good books, chit-chatting, painting your toe nails.... whatever the case, it is a sweet little corner. I recently painted this very old chinoiserie table I picked up at a flea market. I love it so much, and the white really adds brightness to the concrete flooring.

I've decorated this space in several bright colors over the seasons. But, I am pretty settled on this neutral palette with black and white. It corresponds with the interior of our home and it leaves the view as the focus. And then.... when I have florals around, they can pop in this neutral setting.

So, it's turned out ok.
I don't miss the yard -- that much.

Now, it's a beautiful morning, I think I am going to grab my cup of tea and head out to that sofa!

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