Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Old Man is Snoring...

So, it is raining like C-R-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S here in Dallas.

I like the rain at night.

I even like the rain during the day {if all I have to do is snuggle up, sip some tea and read a good book}.

But, when the drops continue to fall after a 24 hour period.... it can get me a lil' bummed.

So, I wanted to share with you some gorgeous, fun and STYLISH umbrellas for days when... you just need to add some pep to the continued drops that are falling outside. After all, those drops are watering the earth... and we need that here in North Texas.
We'll start with the most expensive.... from across the pond....

And the gold leopard print...... MEEEOOOW!

I am really digging the polka dots. Here is another one with fun frill around the edges from Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins - Black Polka Dot Frill 
And some more RED! 
I have wanted to get this Scalamandre Zebra print in wallpaper for our guest bathroom. Instead, I am opting for a more natural grasscloth, but this would be SO much fun as an umbrella!

Scalamandre Zebra - Masai Red
These little gals are just plain FUN!

Fred Flare - Rain Parade

And now.... for THE DEAL!

What was once $78 at Kate Spade.... is now on sale for.....

I really love this umbrella! It can turn any dark, dreary and rainy day into one filled with SUNSHINE.

It just makes me happy!

And happiness is a good thing.... a VERY GOOD thing!

I hope to be sharing with you some more fun and stylish finds throughout the year.  
Ya know... we gotta help each other out!
Later, my friends... 

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