Monday, January 21, 2013

More Neutrals

I don't know what the deal was....

Was it all the funky colorful Christmas decorations?

Was it all the items on display through these past several months from Birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years?

I am not quite sure...

But, I wanted to tone things down a bit in our high-rise condo.


I wanted to keep the canvas more neutral. So, when previously mentioned events and other fun decorating opportunities would arise, I wouldn't always be fighting with the loud colors in our main living space. Namely, the teal wallpaper.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE it. But, I feel we are already fighting so much "busy-ness" because of our wall of windows {floor to ceiling} that extend the entire length of our home. It's a beautiful skyline, but there is much much MUCH going on with our city view.

So, I have been eyeing some inspiration this past month.

Source unknown

I like how soothing this feels, yet it is classy and sophisticated. I love the mix of patterns. But, even with the toned down tones you could always incorporate a pop of color with pillows or accessories... and easily change them out. That is perfect for my needs and desires!

And then... there is grass cloth....

Grass cloth. I have been obsessing over grass cloth. And the truth is.... I have recently {as in Thursday of last week} installed some in my guest bathroom. It replaced a bright green wall coloring and we are IN LOVE with this change! I am still looking for a piece of colorful artwork to hang in there, but I love how this space is coming together quite nicely!

Some easy and immediate changes I made, while I was packing away my Christmas decor, was a change out on our Gallery Wall. I went for some more black and white artwork.

I still kept some color in the mix. But, again it is more of a neutral tone.

I'll share more photos throughout the next couple weeks of the updated space. 

We are enjoying the change... although, kiddo misses the color in the main living areas. He has pleaded with me not to touch his bedroom. I told him not to worry, that is HIS space and HE gets the final say in any change we do within those 4 walls. Besides, we all still need some color in our lives!

What are YOUR thoughts on decorating with more neutral tones?
Would you still HAVE to incorporate pops of color?

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