Friday, November 7, 2014

ARTWORK by JoJo: Commissioned Piece

Completed this commissioned piece for a beautiful couple this week!
It was based off a similar piece I had already sold which the clients really loved.

BUT, no need to fear! 
We worked together and decided to do the same style, colors, and size for their commissioned piece.

And here is the completed artwork.

Acrylic on 36" x 36" Canvas | Commissioned Untitled Piece

And I am thrilled to say, it will now make a glamorous statement in the wonderful couple's home!

Have you seen a piece of artwork which has sold, or you like... but, maybe want it in a different colorway? 
We can always work together to see what we can accomplish!

Go HERE to see more Artwork by JoJo.

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  1. You should name it. I love to see what you name pieces! Maybe Golden Gate or Sierra or something funky. Good work! It's a beautiful piece of art.


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