Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ice Skating

When we moved to the city... there was quite a bit of adjustment for us.

But, one of the perks of living downtown is close proximity to great landmarks and locations.
And when I say.... proximity.... 
I am referring to NOT having to hop in a car --- worrying about the traffic --- or worrying about parking.

So, oh happy me when I can just say to my kiddo, "Let's go for a walk!" and then we end up ice skating at Klyde Warren Park.

Now, if you are one who has to drive... they have plenty of parking options, so just check out their website.  
Or, use the trolley, Dart, or DLink. Lots and lots of options for visitors to the park and Dallas.

Anyway, back to our skating adventures...

It was a GORGEOUS day yesterday [and today for that matter], so we thought we would tryout this skating rink we heard about at the park. And although I grew up in Northern Indiana where ice was plentiful during winter, I have never been on ice skates before in my life. So, why not try on a 62 degree sunny day!

Well, the ice rink.... isn't ice. It's plastic!

Pretty cool.

Pretty difficult for me to "skate" on.

But, kiddo..... kiddo HAD A BLAST!

So, we will be going again.... soon.

Like... maybe today, when we go for "a walk".
I think we will also hit up the Dallas Museum of Art on today's jaunt.... and the food trucks.

So, if you are around the Dallas area and looking for something to enjoy in this beautiful weather.... this is definitely something to try out.

Find more details here.
$5 skate rentals... but, it's FREE on Tuesdays!

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