Monday, April 29, 2013

Abstract Art

I love abstract art in design.

It provides a creative flare to your space.

Jen Ramos NYC Apartment

It can provide vibrant color to your space or a soothing pallet of neutrals.

Jen Ramos NYC Apartment

Either way, I have grown to really love and appreciate abstract and contemporary art.

I have also evolved as a painter with this type of art.

Painting enables me to express my creativity.... and I have a lot of it!

Here are some pieces I have painted for various projects and clients.

A lot of my work is completed on large canvas. The technique that I have created works well on large canvas. Plus, it provides me with a challenge..... turning all that empty canvas into something beautiful.... it gets me so pumped!

I really enjoy the blend of an abstract piece of art framed in vintage or antique frames. 

Do you like utilizing abstract art in your decor?

The purpose of art 
is washing the dust of daily life 
off our souls.
-Pablo Picasso

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