Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wreath It Up!

Christmas decorating is in full-swing in our home.

LOVE this time of year. 

It's just sooooo festive!

We are going a little bit "nontraditional" in traditional ways this year with our decor. Kiddo is not so much a fan of it. But, we like how not so overwhelming it is. It's more soothing. But, I still have to have my red pops of color.... that is a MUST! I'll share with you some pics throughout the upcoming weeks of our Christmas tree {which is a silver tinsel slim tree!} and other Christmas decor and crafts.

Here is a VERY simple way to add a festive touch to an otherwise empty canvas....


This was taken from last year's decor. I love how shiny ornament wreaths are.....

You know I'm a fan of SHINY.

Therefore, I am a fan of ornament wreaths!

This year, I went with silver ornaments only for the wreaths.

If you add a wreath to a mirror.... you get more SHINY SPARKLY AWESOMENESS!

Or you can just place a wreath in an unexpected place to add some festive pizazz!

Like I did with this wreath on the refrigerator!

We just finished our Christmas decorating. Now, it is wrapping the gifts... making sweets.... decorating a gingerbread house.... listening to music and being with friends and family.

It really IS.... THE MOST

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