Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

It's here!

I have been prepping for several days.... and now is the time to kick it in high-gear and dance around like Snoopy.

The Happy Snoopy Dance!

I am grateful for SO much, but I came across these words that sums it up pretty simply:

I am thankful for:

Food in a world where many walk in hunger.
Friends in a world where many walk alone.
Faith in a world where many walk in fear.
We give thanks, O Lord.

Now, off to the kitchen as I finish all that still lies ahead --- while --- doing The Happy Snoopy Dance!

Have an enjoyable day.... eat LOTS of turkey {or desserts --- or both!}... smile a lot.... hug those you are close to.... pick up the phone to call those that are far away... watch football.... sleep... eat some more... sleep some more.... count your blessings.... and have a.....

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Now, do a little Happy Snoopy Dance with me!

Thank you. See, that's why I am also thankful for YOU, my readers!
Much love,

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